Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fixtures going up

David looks excited!!
Mike (Parker) wiring up switches.
Kevin (Mickey) wiring oulets.
Lin (Binford) working on outlets.
Mickey reading the instructions!
David trying to do a 3 way switch, look at his face! Ha Ha!!
Trying to put the fan back up without the rod.
Still trying!
Parker getting out the chandelier.
Mickey and Janine doing the kitchen fan light.
My Dad came to!
Got it done!
Going up!
Trying to turn it on! (It did then!)
Me, working on spindles.
I was tired!!
Yesterday David and his buddies from work put in the outlets, switches and started putting up the light fixtures. They got all the ones on 1st floor up. I caused some extra work because Kevin put 2 fans up but they seemed low. Well, they had a extension bar coming down. Here you could take that out to make them flush mount, so down the came to have the bar taken out. That took a bit of time, but they do look alot better without the bars. It was Kevin McWilliams A.K.A "Mickey" that used to work with David, Mike Parker A.K.A "Parker" that does work with David, and Lin Bruckhart A.K.A "Binford" that works with David, and of course, David. They came to help David get the house deviced. They got alot done. We really appreciate their help!! They bantered each other the whole time, so I think they had a good time! I worked throughout the day polying the window jams and spindles. Mickey's wife, Janine stopped by and that was about the end of me working. We went to get light bulbs and gabbed so until everyone left I got back to work. David worked onm putting up some more lights while I was in the basement polying. We worked until 9:30pm again! Another long workday.

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