Wednesday, November 12, 2008

David's new purchase! He heard from a friend at work that a website has new, name brand tools for really good prices! Well, David's Dewalt 18volt hammer drill I got him a couple of years ago croaked. He tried to fix it, but nothing. So we've been holding off knowing that soon he was going to need a new drill not to mention his sawzaw is getting old and beat up. So his friend Lin also needed a new drill so he was looking around online and found this website. He got a combo pack, the same one David just got. Milwaukee- 18volt hammer drill. A sawzaw. A flashlight. And two lithium ion batteries with a charger all in a nice heavy Milwaukee tool bag. All for $250.00!!! A drill alone is way more than that!! I was a little leary, but it came and we're both happy with it. (I'm sure more him than I) It was a good deal for all those expensive tools!! So if you need tools, check out!!!

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Tom said...

Hey Folks! This is Tom from Tyler Tool Company!

Thanks for posting this great kit on your site. I wanted you to know that our link is actually

There isn't an S at the end. We have been trying to get the guy that uses the one with the s to sell us his site but he refuses. his site is just ads, no tools.

Thanks for shopping with! Use the coupon code "shipmefree" for free shipping!