Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lots going on!!

Me doing the last baseboard piece of the 1st coat of poly. (This batch, more to come!)
Cleaned up outside today. Siding is done, along with gutters and downspouts.
Notice they painted the vent black coming out of the roof. Looks better that way!! (Not sure if it's a vent or not)
Looks pretty!
Back of garage.
These pipes WERE so crooked it wasn't funny!! So, David & Dad S. worked hard to get that fixed today. It looks awesome compared to what it did look like!!! Nice & straight!!
Soon the stone will be on and the shutters will be up!
Looking through the front door. You can see to the kitchen.
Living room.
Looking from the office into the living room.
Looking from the office into the kitchen.
Looking through the doorway in the garage into the hall/kitchen.
Laundry room.
Kitchen/dining room.
Our closet shot. It's huge, and we have a window in it!!
Our bedroom.
Our bedroom, looking over towards the door and entry into the closet.
Our bedroom, looking over at the door and the bathroom.
Looking down upstairs hallway.
Back spare bedroom #2.
Spare bedroom ,#2 looking at the door and closet.
Looking from #1 bedroom into #2.
Spare bedroom #1.
Spare bedroom #1, loking at door and closet.
And this is me using a circular saw. David was impressed that I knew how to use it! I'm not afraid of power tools!! Now watching this video it doesn't look like it's very safe! Yikes!!

Well, lots went on this week. I worked on trim and baseboard again all week. The 1st coat of poly is now on. David did some minor electrical work. Today David and Dad S. (and I, some) cleaned up. In the messy basement and outside just picking junk up. It looks so much better!!! They also worked on getting the pipes coming into the meter base fixed up and straightened. They look a million times better!!

Jason worked mostly night this week to get the drywall hung. The finishers are to come Monday. They dropped some of the stone off, so that SHOULD be getting underway. I know, I keep saying that!! The siding, trim, soffit, facia, gutters and downspouts all got finished. The shutters still need to go up yet.

It's coming together. Slowly but surely. Really looks like a house now, even inside. We can't wait to get in! I keep bringing boxes home every week, but have only packed up a few!! We're never here though! So we know that, that will creep up on us!!

P.S hope you got a good laugh out of the video!

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Faithe said...

Way to go, girl!! You'll soon be qualified to join a construction crew. HA (Not that you'd want to, I'm sure!) It's looking good.