Saturday, February 16, 2013

Julian Turns 1!!

Last Sat. was Julian's 1st birthday party! 
 Big girl pig tails!!

 Her saying Cheeeeeese!
 Jimmy, Nicole and Brooke.
 Julian's new ball pit.
 (Don't mind my Mom's expression, she was laughing!) :) Mom, Jamie and RIck.
 Doodlebug playing.
 Birthday boy!!

 Kaylynn standing by the water/sand table my sister and I went together on!
 What's going to happen now?
I can do this!

 Ewwww! Get it off! Get it off!
 Kaylynn and Brooke reading to David.
 In his oak toybox my Mom and Dad got him.
 My Pap and Julian. He just loves Pap!!
 This picture cracks me up. After she was done with her pigtails her hair was stuck up in the air, so I kept calling her Ace Ventura! LOL!!
Always a big helper.. Helping Daddy clean up the floor after supper.

Friday, February 8, 2013

My Poor Baby

My poor baby is sick yet again.  She has started what I though was a cold a few days ago.  The sitter called and said she had a fever.  I had to leave work early today and get her to the Doctor.  Of course OUR Doc had no appts available so they suggested we go to the Family Practice Center in Lewisburg because the records would be in their system and they had appts.  So I took her there. (Very weird experience at this place. Don't think I will ever go back there!)  But her on ear is red and bulging and something was in front of the tube.  Got an antibiotic so hope it kicks in ASAP. 

The last couple days not only has she had the cold started, but she has been waking up at night and falling alot.  Seeming very teetery and falling like she was off balance.  I hate when she's sick! :( 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Early Valentine's Day Surprise!

Also today the doorbell rang and there was a box on the porch and it said Pro Flowers on it.  I said "What is this!?!" and David said "I don't know open it up!" I did and it was a card with a message from David inside plus a bouquet of tulips and a vase to put them in!!  I was shocked!!  Anyone that knows him knows that this never happens for ANYTHING! But it was a nice surprise and nice that he thought to get them for me!

Finishing the Basement

As usual Blogger won't let me do this how I wanted, so they are a little out of order.  But anyway, David has been working on the basement little by little.  Today a bunch of guys came to help him hang the drywall.  Jimmy, Rick, Kevin and Nicholas then Mom, Jamie, Tonya and Julian and Brooke kept us company upstairs.  (Tonya and Dad came after they got off work)  Mom brought donuts and I kept them supplied with coffee.  Drywall is done and all up!!  It was done shortly after lunchtime!!  Rick stayed later and helped him re-arrange some electrical and start the mudding and cleaned up a little.  We are all surprised and happy at the progress that was made today!!    Its laid out kinda weird, but that's how it had to be.  Part of the other side has the mechanical stuff so it's sectioned off and he even put a door up at the bottom of the stairs for that.
 Getting started.

 This pic is more toward them being done.
 Ping Pong anyone? LOL.

 Kevin and Nicholas.

 Jimmy and Kevin.
And this is what we were doing!
 Riding the Princess truck.
 And playing with a stroller. Hey- this is what happens when you have girl cousins!
 I did a few screws.
 Kaylynn playing on the ladder.
 Sweepin' up!

 Started mudding.