Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Last Sunday afternoon we had a Memorial Day picnic at my parents house.  It was so hot and humid, but we had a good time.  I was beat after Brooke and Kaylynn had me take them for wagon rides, buggy rides, 4 wheeler rides and Brooke with the...come get me! And throwing her up in the air probably was not the best idea.  She's not so little anymore! :)  I think they had fun.  Now we just need Julian to get bigger to play. 
 Kaylynn in her Baby Gap shirt that a girl I work with got her at a yard sale. :) New with the tags still on! Again, notice her hair sticking up? It seems like it always is! :) So funny!
 Julian 4 months, Brooke 2 years, Kaylynn 10 1/2 months.
 Look at that RED hair!! (Marianne, try not to get to jealous) :)
All 3 have blue eyes. :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome Carter Jackson!

Jonathan and Tonya Slagenweit welcomed baby boy #3 this evening.  His name is Carter Jackson and he was 7lbs 3 oz 19 1/2'' long! As far as I know All are doing well! Congrats you guys! Boys 8 - Girls 1

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My 1st Mother's Day

This year was my first official Mother's Day. Although some of the day I spent coming home from our Anniversary trip, I just spent the day with little Miss Kaylynn.  The more I come out of the grips of post pardum the more I am enjoying being a Mommy. When I see her face light up when I get to the babysitter's to pick her up, When she says "Ma, Ma, Ma", and so many other random things she does to brighten my (our) day.  She melts my heart and I always tell her "My cup runneth over."  I am just enjoying my days with my little redhead before these days of her being little are over. 
Thursday when I picked her up from the babysitter, she gave me this flower in the cup, and this paper. (Kaylynn made, LOL!)  Now, she did say that Kaylynn held the marker and made the dots (with help, obviously) on the cup and she said while she was making the paper Kaylynn held the bluebird the whole time, so she decided that that was what she picked so she uncrinkled it and glued it on. I loved this kind of stuff! And I will treasure it forever!

~Also, this is the first Mother's Day without Mom.  So hard to believe she's been in Heaven for soon going to be 7 months.  There are some days it just hits you right in the stomach that she isn't here.  Especially because Summer was her time for flowers and planting. This is something we did together at times and the memories come flooding in.  Tonight when I was out watering mine, it almost brought me to tears.  I know she would have been going on about how nice they look, and which ones I picked to plant this year, and the different planters, etc.  She would be going all over getting hers ready.  Driving to Martinsburg to get them too. :)  And how she'd be so excited to see all the new things Kaylynn is doing, an how red her hair is. :)  Miss you Mom, more than ever! Happy Mother's Day! We love you!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Watkins Glen Getaway

A little late, but things have been very crazy this week since getting back. It's been nice out, so been outside working and playing with Kaylynn.  These pictures (lots of them!!) are from our 3 day trip to Watkins Glen, NY.  It was nice to get away for a bit.  It was hard being away from Kaylynn but we all survived.  Although my only negative I would say is you have to drive so far to see anything.  Seemed like everything we wanted to do was about 30-40 min drive.  So, seemed like we spent alot of time in the car, but still fun.  We need to have time away every now and then.
First stop, Corning Museum of Glass.  We decided to do this on the way in on Friday.  It was so neat! I had never been there, David has. I really like it!
Live Hot Glass show.
They made a glass bowl.
Spinning to make it bigger.
All glass. One of my favorites.

This is my favorite!!
Glass ball. do they do that? :)
Looking through the periscope. You could actually look  around town outside!
More intricate glass working.
Our Hotel.

Back view by lake.
Bathroom. It was so nice! Jacuzzi tub and a stand up glass shower. Also 2 vanities!

They even turned down our beds the first night while we were out.
Then we hiked at Watkins Glen State Park.
I took so many pictures there. Everywhere you looked it was so pretty!

 I debated to stop here and go back, but we went through here and went on. Got a little wet!

 David N April 2012.
 Almost the whole thing is steps. My legs were jello when were done.

 Sat night we drove to Ithaca to get a couples massage.  It was very different experience if you never had one (which we had never done this before) but good.  All David kept saying over and over was "That was awesome!" Little overkill on the aromatherapy, but still good!!

 This is the sailboat David thought (before we went to NY) that he might get me way Jose!  Not sitting that close to the edge thank you! :)

 Sunset at the lake. (It was rather chilly that night and windy)

Busy, Busy Bee

I will try my best to post later this evening. Our Anniversary trip and my First Mother's Day. Just been crazy busy around here!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Memorial Service

Yesterday we ate dinner. (Grilled ham steak, fried potatoes, corn,salad, biscuits and carrot cake) Then got ready and went to a Church in Sunbury with Dad S. for a Memorial Service put on by Hospice.  It was nice. It was really packed. I missed alot of it since Kaylynn bumped her head on the pew and let her presence be known to all there.  I had to shimmy through people sitting in chairs they set up in the back to get out. :) So her and I walked all over the place until the service was over.  They read off the names of loved ones that have passed and had a member of the family come up and get a rose.  Dad gave us a bookmark with her picture on it and a poem, "I needed The Quiet."  There are so many things I feel like she's missing out in sharing with us.
 I know there are alot of emotions about to come to the surface as we face some more "1st's."  Our 10 year anniversary is Fri., Miller reunion,   the first Mother's Day, birthday's coming up- especially missing Kaylynn's 1st birthday.  That one is extremely hard for us.  Knowing she could have enjoyed a grandchild (let alone the ONLY girl) so close to home.  She would be so tickled to see all the things she's doing already.  We tell Kaylynn about her all the time.   :'(
Thinking about touching that cord.....

Calla Lillie's I got from the neighbor lady. And the rose was from Mom's Memorial Service we went to. I got an extra one at the end during refreshments because there were extras. Very pretty.

Simple, yet so pretty.

Someone is really getting ready to walk! (Pardon her bum in your face! If I do it in front of her she will look at me and won't do it!)

I'm up. Now what??