Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gifts from my Surprise Work Baby Shower

Thursday after work a couple of the girls had planned for me a Surprise Baby Shower at a restaurant called Haywood's on the Water. There was alot of people there! We got alot of nice things, they had cake and party favors and we ordered and ate food there. We also got gift cards. It was really nice! Here are the pics of the goodies we received.
29 (almost 30) weeks.


Diaper cake. The lollipops are washcloths and spoons, there are rattles in the back.

Bibs, burp cloths, rattle, socks, blankie, outfits, swaddle me blanket.
Outfits, healthcare kit, blankets.

Close up of a couple outfits.

Outfits, giraffe that sings "ABC's", rear view mirror, sound machine, bibs,wrist rattles, booties, chime.

Outfits, diapers, wipes, blankets, white bonnet, washcloths, hooded towels.

Outfits, ducky, foam body wash, boogie wipes, my first piggy bank, blankets, pacifiers.

A homemade blanket. White with purple trim.

Handmade quilt.

Close up of the quilt.

Close up of me.

The back of the quilt.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Glucose Test

Well, I had the long awaited and dreaded glucose test on Monday. It actually was not as bad tasting as I expected. It was orange flavored and tasted like Kool-aid which I don't care for, but it wasn't horrible. Anyway, he told me I needed to stay below 130 to pass and if I did pass they wouldn't call. With you can check things like your lab results on there so I asked if I would still be able to check just to see what the actual levels were. He told me it should show on there by the next evening. Well, as of this evening, still not there and no call. So, the curiosity got the better of me I emailed the Doctor about it. Within 1 hour the LPN wrote back and said I passed!!! That it was normal being at 103 and the normal range is between 70-129!! Woo! I am so glad! No 3 hour glucose test for me!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New TV

Yesterday, after David came back empty handed from the Amish Auction we decided to venture out in the pouring rain to try to find a desk. With no such luck. They had roll top solid oak desks at the auction that went for $1125, ans $975 and he thought that was outrageous! LOL, well, hate to say it, but those were good prices!! We went to a furniture store and they had a 36" roll top desk that was $999!! So, now he is kicking himself that he didn't bid. So, he is bound and determined that at the Fall auction that we are going to wait and get one then. (Hopefully) So, anyway in our travels we ended up getting a new TV stand and a 46" Samsung LCD flat screen tv! It is really nice! The old set up went over to the playroom for the kiddos. Rick and David sorting all the pieces.

The new TV.

All done and decorated.

Working in the Garage

David has been working a side job so all the money he's been making there has been going into finishing the garage and eventually the basement. So, he started finishing the back wall first. He had got a finished counter top left over from a job site he can put up and run along the back, so then we can really start cleaning the garage out!! We have alot of junk just piled and laying everywhere. So, here is the progress of that. Looks better already! Even insulated it.

Still needs finished and painted.....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mom and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

Yesterday we finally had my Mom and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary party at our home. I love throwing parties, but being 6 months pregnant proved to be even more of a task, BUT it turned out really nice!! I think there were 33 people that came to celebrate. My Aunt Gina, my sister Jamie and I put this together. I think everyone had alot of fun. It was nice to see everyone too. I had to work mandatory 7 hours this weekend and I did NOT want to work Sunday. I wanted a relax day. So, I decided to work from 2-9am yesterday BEFORE the party! Jamie came Friday night to help me prep food and David worked on finishing cleaning. Got up at 12:30am and went til 9:30pm last night. But today I am so glad I bit the bullet and got it done and over with, because I am doing nothing today!! :) Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!! (It actually isn't until April 25th) Gram and Beth.
Aunt Julie, Jamie and Dad.

Family pic. Jamie, Dad, Mom, Me, David

Jimmy, Brooke, Nicole and Tonya.

Brooke playing with balloons.
Nicole and Brooke.
Dad and Brooke.
Patty cakes.

She starting to walk now!!


Cutting the cake.
The light is in the way!!

Perry and Dad.

Tonya, Kyle, Karen, Charles and Aunt Julie.
Perry, Karen and Dad.
Mom, Jamie, Janelle and Mom's friend.
Sue, Karla, Mike, Mom.
More chatting.....
Friends and family.
Pap, Tonya and Gram.

Help!! I don't know how to turn this video around!