Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January Doings

In this corner of our world things have been pretty good.  Kaylynn is getting so big, 2 and a half now.  Learning so much every day!  She's quite funny too!  She can say her ABC's and can count to 10.  Amongst many other things.  She has had some sickness bouts here and there.  Had a sinus infection after Christmas, then soon after an outer ear infection.  She's been good a few weeks and on Sunday (by total accident) I saw her tonsils were huge!! And she has had a low grade fever but thought it was molars.  So, Sunday I took her to the Doctor.  Tonsillitis...Put her on Septra.  She doesn't act like or say she has any pain.  Other than the fever.  So, yesterday her fever spiked to 104.2!!  I called her Doc and they wouldn't even give me an appointment.  They said take her straight to the ER.  Well, by the time I got to the sitter's it was coming down.  So, we decided to keep an eye on her.  She ate supper fine.  She was up quite a bit through the night and the fever was creeping back up.  So, decided to keep her home today.  She is having bad coughing fits so we're going to pick up her nebulizer, really hoping it helps! She's so tired, as well as I!! I looked at her tonsils today and they are not as red and the  swelling it slightly coming down.  Hoping she's on the mend!! David had a stomach bug a few weeks ago also. Ugh.  Hurry Spring! :)
We are trying to tidy up/organize/get things ready around here. (Get things rearranged, basement is primed!! Woo hoo!, just ready to de clutter!!)  Still no luck in getting pregnant yet.  Not sure what our next step will be there.  Looking forward to healthy living and warm weather!  And the Miller Reunion in June sometime! :)
**Our Family Footprints in the snow. :)**
Here is a picture of Kaylynn's tonsils on Sunday. :( I have no clue how she is not in pain or can even breathe! :(