Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Looking better!!!

Hanging basket that I planted at the beginning of the Spring. First time I ever planted my own!
Hosing off the porch today. It was FILTHY!!!
Drying off.
All back together!!
Looks better. It's finally clean and I switched some things around. We were able to open up some windows today. It's warm and breezy!!
One corner of the porch.
Middle. I put the pansies in between the chairs now.
The right corner. My flowers are doing very well this year!

Cookout & fireworks...

Yesterday we were invited over to Kevin and Dana's for a cookout. We had cheeseburgers, chicken, venison and hot dogs on the grill. Beans, mac and cheese and potato salad. It was good!! It was such a nice day out. Then Kevin & David made homemade ice cream while Dana, Nicholas and I played board games. Hi-ho cherry oh and chutes and latters both of which I lost! Then Nicholas and I did sparklers until dessert was ready. In the meantime an ice cube battle in sued!! We had brownies and ice cream then. Then fireworks when it got dark. We had a good time! It was fun!
Playing games.

Making ice cream.
Smoke bombs!
Me joining in!
Ice battle!
A toad that came out to say hello!
Kevin trying to get Dana back for getting him with ice.
Nicholas trying to help his Dad!
I like the way these turn out. The camera has a fireworks setting and they turn out really cool!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

And we have grass....

Just a couple shots of our rapidly growing grass. With all the cooler and rainy weather it's been growing very fast! We couldn't have asked for better weather for growing it. We have not mowed it yet, but as soon as it dries out we will. It's still patchy in spots and what is really high is actually oats or wheat from the straw, but there is alot of grass there to.
A couple of my flowers.

Here are the deer antlers my sister and I had mounted for my Dad for Father's day. They turned out really nice!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

99 balloons...

I happened to catch a bit of the Oprah show today and stumbled on this. It was being shown on her show and it moved me so much!! I was crying! It is about a baby boy, Eliot who had a disease that his parents knew about before he was born. They were told he wouldn't make it to birth, but he did, and ,more!! It is very moving and unbelievable to know that God works in these ways we don't understand but are so very thankful for. Although something like this happened it ultimately drew them closer to the Lord. He does not do these things by accident. There is always a purpose!! I am moved that although little Eliot was only here for 99 days he had so much purpose and meaning in the time he lived here on Earth. Please watch this video and you'll know what I mean!! To have that kind of Faith is awesome!!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hailey's bridal shower

Yesterday we threw Hailey a bridal shower, although she is already married! But since alot of people didn't make it to her 1st wedding she is having another one in July. Anyway we had good weather and it turned out pretty nice. We played 4 games, which I did 2 of. They were fun! She got alot of nice things. I wanted to get a picture of what I got her, but didn't get a chance. I got her a personalized picture frame from Things Remembered. It had hearts going up the one side and had their names and wedding date engraved in it. It was very pretty!! All in all it went alright. Glad it's over though!!

My favors are on the left!!
Pre party.
Lindsay and I's gifts for the games.
Lindsay and Hailey. Lindsay is the Maid of Honor. Lindsay is due August 19th and having a boy!
Hailey's cousin Dawn and Hailey. Dawn is another Matron of Honor.
Me and Hailey. I am also a Matron of Honor. It goes Lindsay, me Dawn.
Some party goers!
Hailey's cousin Alexis. She is also a bridesmaid.
Hailey's Mom Jan, Hailey and Lindsay.

Makin favors!

Friday night Erin, Austin and Jamie came over to help me make the bridal shower favors. We whipped them up in no time! We did those while David played with Austin. We ordered supper and then just hung out for awhile. Thanks girls!!
Erin & Jamie.
Pulling Austin around in a box!
Why do they love to play with something as simple as a paper towel roll?? LOL!
Getting sleepy!

Finished product of my favors. Turned out pretty cute I thought!!