Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Babysitting Austin

I finally found a minute to post this blog. We babysat our friends son, Austin this past weekend...overnight! We have never watched a baby before and we did fine! They have never been away from him in the 9 months since he's been born. A much needed and well deserved break!! They had a nice day and a half to spend alone, no baby. He is 9 months old and about 23 lbs. ( I think) When he came I fed him, changed his diaper (showed David how to do it) because I had a dinner for Hailey's bachlorette party to go to. David watched him all by himself and even had to change a diaper while I was gone!! I was impressed! He was very, very good for us. He is a very content baby. My parents came over to visit Sat. night and to see Austin. I put him to sleep at 9:30pm. We had the pack -n- play in our room for him to sleep. He slept good until 1:00am. He needed a diaper change and a bottle. He went back to sleep around1:30am. OK, then at 2:30am, he was back up crying. He just had the essentials a little bit ago so I wasn't sure what he wanted. I tried to maneuver him around and he just kept crying and he was starting to get mad!! So, I took him downstairs to rock him so David could get some sleep. After about another 1/2 hour he fell back asleep. I also decided to turn on our central air because I think he was hot, that's why he woke up. So he slept then until 8:30am for us. Fed him when he got up, took a nap for 20 minutes before 10:00am. I went to get a bath around 11:30am when I heard David yell "Oh my word!!!!" I said "What!?!?" David said "He just pooped!!!" I said "How do you know??" "Oh, I can tell!" he said. I said well, bring up wipes, diaper and a bag to put the dirty one in and bring Austin. He comes up and it smelled horrific!!!!! I was gagging before we even started! David said are you gonna do it or do you want to tag team it? Well considering neither of us EVER changed a poopy diaper, I said "tag team!!" I pulled his shorts off and it was coming out of his diaper!!! Up his leg, on his clothes!! I had David hold his arms down. It was just all over!! I kept telling David I didn't think I could do it!! I kept saying I was going to throw up! The smell was the worst part!! So finally while we both were gagging and laughing I got him cleaned up and changed. We survived. =)
Then off the my in laws for dinner. By this time it was time for him to eat again (they seem to do alot of this!!) Then I layed him down with a bottle and he fell asleep for 2 hours!! Then we carted him off to my parents house to visit. My Mom and Dad loves kids, especially my Mom she got to hog him for awhile! Then back home to have Matt & Erin pick him up. They missed him. They got us a Damon's Grill gift card for watching him. That was nice!! So overall, it did not scare us out of having a baby, but found out they are a ton of work, but well worth it!!!! There are 3 videos at the end!!!! Cute!!
First arrived!!
Me feeding Austin for the first time!
Can't do it fast enough!!
Always smiling!!
Messy face!
Crawled over to look out!
Chillin Sunday morning!
Morning face!
What's for breakfast??
David fed him to!!!
Hungry I guess!
He did not like his face wiped off!
The boys.
Austin not looking.
Now David not looking!
Crawling around.
~~~Check out a couple videos we took of our weekend!!


Erin said...

You guys look like old pros :o) Thanks again for watching him for us! It was a much needed break, and we appreciated it so much! Whenever you want him again you just let me know, lol.

Joy said...

Good job, guys! I'm sure you did great! So...... when are you going to have one of your own, now that you've had some practice? LOL ;)

tonya said...

Now that we know you two have a babysitting service...we were planning a month long vacation. We will send Tyler up this week-end ~hope your house is stocked with plenty of food cuz this child will eat you out of house and home. :) Love you guys, Jay and Tonya

David & April said...

Tonya & Jay,
We will babysit anytime!! We loved it! David has really been bugging me to have a baby, maybe we can just keep borrowing them! Ha! Absoulutly anytime!! Miss ya! Love, David and April