Sunday, June 30, 2013

Update on Mom

Mom came home for the weekend and now on her way back to Hershey.  Her counts are starting to come up. She has a spot on her eye they gave her ointment for. I believe it's a side effect of the rejection drugs.  Been having her share of ups and downs.  Once we got over the "loosing her hair again hump" She seemed to be a little better.  She was convinced after almost 2 weeks it wouldn't come out but it was falling out a lot and fast! So they had the nurses shave it off again.  Now she's back to baldness.  She bought herself a couple summer hats.  She gets tired very easily. We had a picnic while she was home and it really did her in.  She wears jackets while we're out because although it's really hot and humid to us, she thinks it's cold.  Probably yet another side effect of all the drugs. 
She has a bone marrow biopsy this Tuesday at 2pm, then a Doc apt at 3pm. We are hoping to know better where she's at and follow up treatments.  And hoping she can come home.  She really hasn't been home (other than this weekend) since Memorial Day Weekend.  But she was at Hershey the week before that.  Keep the prayers coming!!

Knoebel's Grove

Last week we took some time off work (our babysitter's husband was having major surgery) And on Thursday we decided to take Kaylynn on her 1st Knoebel's Grove Trip.  We haven't been there in probably 10 years!  She did pretty well.  Was not to sure at all about the rides.  She didn't want to get on any of them but we kind of forced her to do a few. We didn't push her to badly. I didn't want to scare her.

Waiting FOREVER for a couple slices of pizza.

Did NOT like this one to well. It went rather fast.


David just had to ride the Phenoix. He's in the last car.
Hands up!
Kaylynn looks so enthused.

Skloosh! David and Kaylynn off to the right getting sprayed.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Kaylynn before we left for our family day trip to Knoebel's! She knows how to accessorize!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summertime Fun

Kaylynn is getting so big. Hard to believe in less than 2 months she'll be 2 years old! Here are some pics of our Sat fun.  And a few other random pics thrown in there!

 This is her saying cheese. Love this one!

 Finally let me put flip flops on her.
 Sunrise the other morning!
 Water table fun.

 Daddy putting more water in.
 Pretty sure your not supposed to be IN the water table!

 Brooke came over.
 Cousins. :)

 Bubble time!
Jimmy and Nicole playing Frisbee.