Sunday, June 2, 2013

Transplant On Board!

Mom went back this past Tuesday to start chemo.  The infection the week prior was in her central line so they took it out.  So this time they did a PIC line in her arm.  Started chemo that night.  She's been tolerating it well so far.  It's 2 different kinds of chemo.  They just keep getting after her about just laying in bed and eating.  Some days she doesn't have much of an appetite.  So she has a few days off from the chemo and Tuesday is Transplant day!!  I really want to be there, but we'll see.  The problem becomes we have no clue what time it will take place.  Aunt Shell goes in at 8am to start the donation, but it could be 2-6 hours just for her alone.  So we could be there all day and still not even be there because it'll be to late, we'll have to be heading back home!  So, I'm torn.  Her main doctor up and also left.  I guess he didn't give any warning.  His nurses are shocked.  So, another Doc she has had on rounds is her Doc, and she now has a list to choose (if she wants) another main Doc within 10 days if she doesn't want this guy.  So, that stinks. The least her could have done was finished out with the patients he least my Mom's transplant!  So, that is upsetting. 

She has felt pretty good.  Appetite isn't really here, but thankfully not sick and no mouth sores so far!! Praise the Lord!!  So, Lord willing the transplant will take place Tuesday!! Keep the prayers coming!!! We are all nervous/anxious/scared, yet ready to have this done!!

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