Sunday, June 9, 2013

Visit to The Hope Lodge

A couple days ago Kaylynn was helping David fix the water line on the frig.

 A finger painting that Kaylynn did that we took down to Mom.
 Setting up for lunch! (I see I have the date set wrong. I had put new batteries in before we went. It should say the 8th)
 David grilling up pork chops and steaks.


 They would not look at the same time.
 Mom REALLY wanted a stuffing her face picture! LOL!
 Me cleaning up.
 Mom's "salt and pepper" hair and it's curly!
 In her room going through mail.
 My Hubby. :)
 Jimmy, Nicole and Brooke came. (in the rule book it says kids can come thy just can't stay if they are under 18, but turns out you can't. They had us go out onto the Lanai)

Dad, Me and Mom.

Today (Sunday June 9th) is day 5 post transplant, still doing good! They moved her to the Hope Lodge Thursday.  Sat, before we got there she needed Magnesium.  Never needed that before.  And today she needed and got a blood transfusion.  After 3 weeks my Dad is coming home and my Aunt is on her way down.  She has appts until June 21st and sees the Doc on July 2.  We're hoping for good reports and maybe she can come home after she sees him!

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