Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

My Dad & Mom made the whole meal!!
Getting things ready!!
David playing with Coral & Katelyn.
Where is my food???

Well, we went to my Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving! We cramed in 9 people plus 2 kids! My parents don't have a very big kitchen, but we fit! Coral refused to sit at the "kiddy" table, so Tonya and Jesse and David and I got to sit there!! It was all my siblings plus, Jesse, Kristy, and her two kids, Coral and Katelyn! We were stuffed! Hopefully next year we can have Thanksgiving at our new place! Well, not to much is new since our last post! Back to work tomorrow! =[

Sunday, November 18, 2007

LAND...The saga continues

Hello again!! These are the pictures of the land we are looking to get. In the process of getting, I should say. It is in Watsontown, we will be Mom and Dad Slagenweit's neighbors!! We will be facing Vincent Ave. These are kind of hard to see, but gives an idea!! The first one is from 8th St. coming fom Mom and Dad's, turning onto Vincent Ave. we will be where the current barn sits. That is in the process of coming down. Someone will be building on the corner lot also. We are making an appt. with an attorney this week to go over the buyer's agreement, to much legal jargon!! The others are from the side of Mom and Dad's house. It is 1.023 acres and will hopefully be building in the spring. FINALLY!! Now comes the nerve racking stuff of building!!

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

Well hello again! I know, your surprised we updated so soon! Well, for those of you that don't get to see snow to often(you Floridians) I thought I would post some pictures of our first snowfall today! Very pretty, but already have had enough! The leaves are still on alot of the trees, so hopefully branches won't come down from the weight of the snow! Thes pics are from our place, and Mom and Dad Slagenweit's house! Our shopping trip to Altoona was FUN! But, wasn't impressed this year. We didn't find any bargains, but overall we had a blast, we laughed all day!! Our Christmas shopping is almost finished!! YEAH!! Just got to get the cards started!! That's all for now!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

We are still here!!

Hello all! We have been so BUSY! My oh my, we haved updated in ages! Well, alot has been going on! I've been working like crazy for months. Just got off a 26 day stretch! It's rather exausting. Sometimes I am grateful we don't have kids yet, especially when I'm working so much! But, I guess I have to feel lucky I have a job and able to work! I usually don't know what day it is because I lose track working 7 days a week! Oh, well such is life!
David went back to work for Zimmermann Electric! He had to quit Grizzly because they put him on 2nd shift! He was hired for 1st! It would have been from 11:30am-8:00pm! Well, with me working so much and having to go to bed early, we would never see each other! So, he got his job back. They did give him back his seniority. Seven years, so that was nice. Not many places would do that! Also, he got a pretty hefty raise! Which is VERY nice! He will be given more responsiblility to work towards foreman, so when that takes effect, more $$!! So, not to bad of a deal to have to go back. It made it a little easier! =]
We are excited for Christmas! We cannot wait to see everone! We don't see each other but maybe a few times a year! We can't wait to meet the newest member, Evan, our nephew! He looks alot like David! He looks like he's a hoot and a hollar!! Allan and Daniel too! They are getting so big! Maybe Daniel will be talking by then!!
We are still living in Montgomery, in our rented house! No such luck with land yet! We keep preparing though! I tend to buy things from time to time for a new home. We can't wait to own our own home! We like it here, but we'd like something to call our own.
We should be getting our first snowfall soon! Yay and nay! I love it if I don't have to drive in it! I will have to put some pics up! We don't have many because we don't do much! Plus, no kids to brag about! We don't even have a dog!! Ha Ha!
On the 16th I'm going shopping with my sister Jamie, my friends, Hailey and Lindsay, to Altoona. Our annual trip for Christmas shopping! We are excited! We make a nice day trip out of it! I usually get ALL my shopping done in one day!
Well, enough rambling on! Hope I caught yall up enough!! Please continue to keep the family in your prayers, and our friends, Steph and Chris. LOVE YOU ALL!!! Until next time.......