Saturday, October 10, 2009

Odds n ends

Just some odds n ends from our day today. I cleaned the house top to bottom! I feel as though I got a major job accomplished! And David went out and worked on the retaining wall. Kevin and Nicholas came over to help. They got the footer poured at least and this week he will actually start putting the wall up. Then he went and borrowed Mom and Dad S's lawn mower to mow out yard. It hasn't been mowed in 3 weeks! It was in desperate need of being mowed! And now he is working on moving the dryer vent to the outside to a different spot. He has originally put it to vent in the garage thinking it would sort of heat the garage in the winter. Well....not such a good idea. Besides the moisture, it puts lint all over everything and does sort of heat it in the winter but in the summer it makes it so hot in there! So, he is going to now vent it to the outside. So we both got ALOT accomplished! I love these types of weekends! I am enjoying mine especially because we are to get VERY busy at work and it's only a matter of time that I will be working a ton of overtime.
We are both looking forward to a very much needed vacation in November!! His family is all coming in from out of state to spend Thanksgiving here this year. Although they won't be here for Christmas, they will be here for Thanksgiving. We took off to spend time with them. With the weekend and the holidays we will have 10 days off!! Woooo! And Jenn, Justin and the boys will be staying with us for part of that time!! We cannot wait!! Well, that's about it. The only other thing is I have been off the pill for a month now. So, we'll see what happens! ;)
David working on the retaining wall.
Nicholas mixing concrete.
David, Kevin and Nicholas.
The crate I stained and this is my new creation inside the front door! I like it!
I got another Mum, now it looks better.
David finally mowing the grass. Ours needs a new blade so we borrowed Mom and Dad's mower.
Got the footer poured.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall has arrived!

Yesterday I went on a bit of a shopping excursion. I got some Fall decorations at Ben Franklin but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for so I got some other things to fill in the wreath I got. I went other places too but the stuff I got to decorate isn't finished yet. Those pics will have to come later. But here are some pics that I took today of the decorations I put out on the porch.
Getting started.
This is what it started out looking like.
This is the finished product after I tryed to fix it.
I did this with what I had leftover. This is a very old Mason jar I had got at the blueberry festival this Summer.

Austin comes to visit!

Last Sunday we got a phone call from Matt asking if we could do them a favor and watch Austin for a bit. His Mom had been admitted to the hospital and he wasn't allowed to go. Sure! So Austin came and stayed with us for a a little bit while they went to the hospital. We had fun! He can walk now so there was a bit of exploring going on for him! He didn't try the stairs or really any of my things that I have set out for decorations. Only when his Mommy and Daddy were here! He was fun! We just love him as if he were our own!! We are very close with his Mamma and Daddy (Matt & Erin). They have really let us be a big part of his life and he brings us as much fun and joy as I'm sure he does for them!! ;) We love having him over, and his parents! lol!!!

He got this pillow down and was playing with it.
Watching the Steelers with David.
David kept getting him with his goatee! It was funny!
Here are a couple video clips of playing with Austin!