Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recipe for a Memory

Last Sat we got a phone call from David's brother Jay about 10pm while we were watching the movie Courageous. He wondered if we had Mom's iced cinnamon roll recipe. We didn't. So David went over to get her recipe boxes for us to look through them and see if we could find it. (His Dad is in Michigan visiting family friends and then will be stopping in to see Marianne's family in Ohio)
David brought them in and asked me to go through them. As soon as I got started, I started crying. Just so many emotions came over me. We have really been missing her something terrible. We all have, not just us. But with every recipe I pulled out, I automatically thought of different get togethers, meals, family gatherings where she has made these very delicious things. And I even came across one that she had written that was MY recipe. I was very honored. :) Just even seeing her handwriting is hard. Who would think that something as simple as a recipe box (or 2) would bring all these memories back? And we never did find it. But little things like how many times she had certain ones written down made me giggle. I know it was probably due to her illness, but we would pick on her about things like that. Some are in there 3 or 4 times! :) Alot of what make up my recipes are from her. Although I told David I would probably need a good day to write off the rest of what I want out of hers. Come to find out later the reason he asked me to go through them is because he couldn't bring himself to do it. He said when he went to get them he had a moment over there at Dad's house.
Just makes us miss her even more. Especially all of us being sick lately I know as bad as she would have been feeling she would be calling asking if we needed anything. Probably made us something to eat. Thankful for the memories we do have to share. Miss ya Mom.

So Big!

She kept pulling her hat over to suck her thumb (this is her new thing) and fell asleep on the way home like that. :)
Her loot from Toys R Us. Plastic bib, fridge farm and a container of fruit to top off the gift card! Thanks Aunt Mary Lou!!
Playing with Daddy.
She tries to walk all the time. She thinks she can let go of your hand and just go herself. But she'd rather play on the OUTSIDE of her excersucer rather IN it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Little Snake Girl

If you blow this picture up you can see Kaylynn's little "snake fangs" on the top. She is cutting her eye teeth! It looks so funny! She really does look like a snake with fangs! And of course her bottom teeth show really well now too.
Happy girl for the moment. This did not last to long. She is just miserable cutting these teeth. As you can see from the runny looking nose. And she's not sleeping to well either. Poor kiddo.
I love when she is so happy like this!! Everything you hear about a red head and their temper....it's true! LOL! As we have found out and are trying to put a stop to.
Closer look at those "fangs." Looks so funny!
Cuddles with Daddy.
Thinks she's a biggie girl and walks the length of my legs by herself.
There she goes!!*UPDATE: Our house appraisal was tonight. We have been working so hard at getting things done it was nice to just take a night off and relax! But it was the same fella that did it after we built the house. He went around and took pics outside and in every room. I did give him a list of updats/things we have done since we built. And before he left he said we'd here from the bank in a couple days. I asked if he could tell us what he came up with, of course he said no. So, I proceeded to say that our loan lady told us we can tell him the number we are looking for. So I told him, and he responded by saying, you should have no problem getting that. So hopefully he told us the truth!! I told him he didn't know what that would do to help us by getting the number we needed to proceed!! So, we'll find out from the bank in a couple days.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Week

Sunrise Sat morning. It was much prettier in person.
Finally made it yesterday to meet my nephew, Julian. He is quite the good little baby for my sister. She has to wake HIM up to eat, even during the day! His umbilical cord fell off while I was there, so now she can give him a bath! He'll be 2 weeks old on Tues!
This is my sister Tonya and MY little tike, Kaylynn. My sister is still on iron. She looks pale here and she is, but she said they told her to keep taking the iron to help.
Well, I do believe we are somewhat on the mend. After 2 weeks of flu and head colds we are doing better. Not out of the woods yet, but it's getting better. I stayed home another day this past week with Kaylynn. Monday she threw up at the sitter 3 times, so I kept her home Tues. She is cutting her "eye" teeth on top. She looks like a snake with fangs!! I need to try to get a picture of it.
This Thursday we are scheduled for our appraisal. I am so nervous about this! I have made a list of things we have done since we've lived here. The lady at the bank told me to do it, so I did. I am praying it all works out and we appraise high enough! We still have a bit to do before Thurs!! But we, and especially David, have got alot done in the past couple weeks to get the little touch up things and unfinished things done.
So, gonna be another busy beaver week! Cleaning/finishing for appraisal. Friends are coming over tomorrow to visit and help David go pick up a FREE ping pong table in great condition from a guy I work with! The list goes on and on! Ta-ta for now!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

3 Sick Pups

Well, this week's happening's were quite blah. Besides the fact that my sister had her baby. All 3 of us have been sick pretty much all week. I stayed home Tuesday with Kaylynn because she was still sick and I was starting. She had a rough couple of nights of sleep too. Then, Wednesday David and I both stayed home because I felt worse, plus felt dizzy and sick to my stomach. So, he stayed home to help with Kaylynn. As Friday came, Kaylynn was feeling much better, and David and I both worse. All 3 of us still have colds, so no seeing Julian for us! :(

I have put a couple things on in the past about some financial issues we are/were having. And we have been looking at things and praying for help and for help to change our ways. It is just beginning, but I see his work everywhere!! We have started the refinancing process. If we appraise at a certain amount, we could lower our mortgage payment by approx $428 a month! David wasn't supposed to get a raise, but found out Fri he got a .70 raise! I had asked him a few weeks ago if there were any electrical side jobs to do anywhere...nope. (He's done some in the past that paid pretty good) Well, came home yesterday and said he was working a side job for a few hours this morning and he said there will be more to do!! He is helping us!! Thank you Lord for your continued support!! Praying it all works out for the appraisal, because that would be huge for us! (Of course refinancing has pros and cons, but unfortunately we need a lower monthly pmt at this time) :(

So we spent some of today trying to get little finish up things we never got done after we built the house done. Any little thing should help right? I met with the loan lady yesterday at our bank and she gave me some tips also which should help. :)

Also, things are not so good at my work. They told us group leaders the other day that for the 1st time in 20 years they barely made enough money to cover labor costs for January. That's why no OT. And they are cutting the temps, the part time people, the non productive people, etc... It's really not looking so good. Of course in my dept I NEED more people! Duh! But with all that's going on that just means they will move everybody and their brother to my dept that has no clue what their doing which means I'll be training people everyday. It is very frustrating. The owner also told us at this rate our profit sharing checks we get every quarter (which is usually at least $1000 before taxes...at LEAST) will probably be about $60!! So we'll see what the future holds. Alot of people are fed up and ready to leave. Of course this is a rumor but, people at work say the guy running the place ran a business in NY and it went bankrupt....Hmmmm...food for thought...
Starting to feed herself.
Don't mind the red eyes, she was sick.
Got mad while they were changing his diaper and scratched himself.
He's a good baby since they brought him home. Sleeps all the time. Only cries when he poops and is hungry. Pees on them constantly. Hee, hee. But even the first night home he only got up at 1am and 4am to eat. Other than that she has to wake him up to eat! Can't beat that!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome Baby Julian!

Well, after 38 hours of agonizing back labor, 2 epidurals and been in the hospital since Monday at 7am, my nephew FINALLY was born last night 2/7/12 at 9:18pm 9lbs 6 oz 21''. Everyone is doing ok and I am sure she's glad the labor part is over. She will be in the hospital until tomorrow. And tomorrow is her birthday! :)
I won't be able to run right over and see him. Kaylynn has been sick since Sat and we've been home with her the past 2 days plus now I'm sick. She went to the Doc and they put her back on amoxicillin.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Julian Will Be Here Soon!

My sister Tonya will be induced tomorrow if they have a bed available. She is 40 weeks but is measuring 2 weeks ahead so that would make her 42 weeks! They told her about 2 weeks ago the estimated weight at 9lbs! Yikes! He is going to be a big boy! Her boyfriend Jesse was the smallest of his siblings weighing in over 9lbs. His brothers were 12 lb'ers! Praying for easy and fast labor and delivery. And a easy transition to parenthood. Good Luck Tonya! We're here for you!
A blurry picture, but her at 40 weeks.
This is her a couple weeks ago with Kaylynn.