Saturday, February 11, 2012

3 Sick Pups

Well, this week's happening's were quite blah. Besides the fact that my sister had her baby. All 3 of us have been sick pretty much all week. I stayed home Tuesday with Kaylynn because she was still sick and I was starting. She had a rough couple of nights of sleep too. Then, Wednesday David and I both stayed home because I felt worse, plus felt dizzy and sick to my stomach. So, he stayed home to help with Kaylynn. As Friday came, Kaylynn was feeling much better, and David and I both worse. All 3 of us still have colds, so no seeing Julian for us! :(

I have put a couple things on in the past about some financial issues we are/were having. And we have been looking at things and praying for help and for help to change our ways. It is just beginning, but I see his work everywhere!! We have started the refinancing process. If we appraise at a certain amount, we could lower our mortgage payment by approx $428 a month! David wasn't supposed to get a raise, but found out Fri he got a .70 raise! I had asked him a few weeks ago if there were any electrical side jobs to do anywhere...nope. (He's done some in the past that paid pretty good) Well, came home yesterday and said he was working a side job for a few hours this morning and he said there will be more to do!! He is helping us!! Thank you Lord for your continued support!! Praying it all works out for the appraisal, because that would be huge for us! (Of course refinancing has pros and cons, but unfortunately we need a lower monthly pmt at this time) :(

So we spent some of today trying to get little finish up things we never got done after we built the house done. Any little thing should help right? I met with the loan lady yesterday at our bank and she gave me some tips also which should help. :)

Also, things are not so good at my work. They told us group leaders the other day that for the 1st time in 20 years they barely made enough money to cover labor costs for January. That's why no OT. And they are cutting the temps, the part time people, the non productive people, etc... It's really not looking so good. Of course in my dept I NEED more people! Duh! But with all that's going on that just means they will move everybody and their brother to my dept that has no clue what their doing which means I'll be training people everyday. It is very frustrating. The owner also told us at this rate our profit sharing checks we get every quarter (which is usually at least $1000 before LEAST) will probably be about $60!! So we'll see what the future holds. Alot of people are fed up and ready to leave. Of course this is a rumor but, people at work say the guy running the place ran a business in NY and it went for thought...
Starting to feed herself.
Don't mind the red eyes, she was sick.
Got mad while they were changing his diaper and scratched himself.
He's a good baby since they brought him home. Sleeps all the time. Only cries when he poops and is hungry. Pees on them constantly. Hee, hee. But even the first night home he only got up at 1am and 4am to eat. Other than that she has to wake him up to eat! Can't beat that!

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