Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Week

Sunrise Sat morning. It was much prettier in person.
Finally made it yesterday to meet my nephew, Julian. He is quite the good little baby for my sister. She has to wake HIM up to eat, even during the day! His umbilical cord fell off while I was there, so now she can give him a bath! He'll be 2 weeks old on Tues!
This is my sister Tonya and MY little tike, Kaylynn. My sister is still on iron. She looks pale here and she is, but she said they told her to keep taking the iron to help.
Well, I do believe we are somewhat on the mend. After 2 weeks of flu and head colds we are doing better. Not out of the woods yet, but it's getting better. I stayed home another day this past week with Kaylynn. Monday she threw up at the sitter 3 times, so I kept her home Tues. She is cutting her "eye" teeth on top. She looks like a snake with fangs!! I need to try to get a picture of it.
This Thursday we are scheduled for our appraisal. I am so nervous about this! I have made a list of things we have done since we've lived here. The lady at the bank told me to do it, so I did. I am praying it all works out and we appraise high enough! We still have a bit to do before Thurs!! But we, and especially David, have got alot done in the past couple weeks to get the little touch up things and unfinished things done.
So, gonna be another busy beaver week! Cleaning/finishing for appraisal. Friends are coming over tomorrow to visit and help David go pick up a FREE ping pong table in great condition from a guy I work with! The list goes on and on! Ta-ta for now!

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