Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hailey's #2 wedding

Here are some shots from rehearsal, Hiawatha for dinner and the wedding. I took alot of pics so these aren't even close to all of them! It was very nice and I'm so glad it's over! No more stress about it! Now I can relax! It was fun at the reception we danced all night long so now I'm pretty sore today! But all in all it was nice.
Hiawatha where we had dinner.
On the boat.
Hailey and Barth.
Getting her hair done.
Checking it out.
Fixing her dress.
Me! Trying to take pic's of my hair. (The dresses were pretty but WAY to low cut for my taste!!)
The back.
Lindsay and her boyfriend Don. He is hilarious!!
Hailey's family.
The Carson's.
The best men and maid and matron's of honor.
Getting pics outside.

Me dancing with Chris. (I work with him!)
David and I.
Evan dancing!
Sat. night fever!
Getting down.
Linds and I.
Hailey and I.
Linds, Hail and I.
Hailey and her Mom.
Linds, Hailey and Janice.
Hailey & Barth.
Rachel and Don dancin.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Not to much to report I suppose. The in laws are in Florida right now and we're keeping up with there house and things, watering flowers, checking garden, mowing grass and feeding the fish. The garden is producing alot of stuff while their gone!! I picked 6 zucchini (2 of which were so huge Davie pitched them), about 12 cucumbers, a bunch of green peppers, a bunch of string beans and I counted 16 without rooting around of cantaloupe that are all the same size! A couple of the corn stalks are knocked over due to the tornado that touched down here Saturday night. It was a small one but it touched down close by. Winds of over 75 mph!! I never seen anything like it! I thought we were going to have to head down to the basement!! Erin and I had gone to the Blueberry festival and yard sales that morning while David babysat Austin. We had a good time!! We also got some clothes line poles a friend gave us, so hopefully not to long I can get them up, painted and clothes on the line!! Here are a couple shots of the house now that the trim and everything is done and painted. (I do not like painting trim!! Grrr...)
Awww..David with Austin sleeping! He said he crawled over and wanted up so once he got up there he laid his head down and went to sleep! :)
Now we just need some landscaping...
I think it turned out pretty nice. Kinda sets it off. **Also, we had alot of wheat from the straw in the grass and now that he's been mowing it it's dying off so now the grass can come in better! That's why it looks yellowish!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome Bryce Gavin!!

Welcome a new nephew, Bryce Gavin!! He was born yesterday at 12:58pm weighing in at 7lbs 12oz and 20 inches long! We can't wait to get our hands on that boy! He'll be around 4 months old until we can do that! :( But until then...Congrats Jenn and Justin!!
Jenn & Bryce.
Justin & Bryce.
The Brycester. (Jenn I have a nickname for him already!! LOL!)
Cheryl, Justin's Mom holding Bryce and Evan. Doesn't Evan look enthused? :)


This is sort of a "bragging" post! We wanted to post some pictures of our now 6 nephews! All boys too! These are some recent pictures of the boys. Some are from my phone, others "borrowed" (okay stole) from my sister in laws blogs. They are cute little guys! Just wanted to share with those of you who may not see their blogs.
This is Jonathan and Tonya's boy. Tyler.
Sleepy Tyler. He is 1 year old!
This is Jennifer and Justin's brood. Evan, and Bryce.
Introducing...the newest addition to the crew...Bryce Gavin! He's 1 day old! (now!)
His big brother, Evan. Evan just turned 2.
Evan, doesn't he look like Jenn??
Evan at his 2nd birthday party.
This is Marianne and Philip's brood. They have the 3 boys. Allan, Daniel and Stephen.
Marianne carrying Stephen on their camping trip.
Look at this little guy! Is he not adorable?? This is Stephen, 9 months old.
Allan and Daniel on their camping trip. Allan is 5 and Daniel is 2.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Painting extravaganza

We painted exterior doors this weekend. And after much debate and questioning we went with the Theatre red door. I do think it turned out nice. The trim still needs to be finished on the front door yet. We also did the others but only in white. We are not big "painters." We don't really like to do it, but guess we have to now! :) One thing crossed off our list. Only a million more to go! :) We also went to see the fireworks in Watsontown with Kevin, Dana and Nicholas. Before we left I got some pics of the beautiful sunset. A very productive weekend! I wish we had another day or two!!
Front door in "Theatre red"
Looks nice. We think it sets it off.

It got a tinted primer and took 3 coats of the red!
Inside the garage. We didn't paint the trim here.
Laundry room door. I ended up painting that piece of wood white also.
David finishing up trim.
From over at Mom and Dad S's.
Sunset. Right behind the house.