Thursday, July 9, 2009


This is sort of a "bragging" post! We wanted to post some pictures of our now 6 nephews! All boys too! These are some recent pictures of the boys. Some are from my phone, others "borrowed" (okay stole) from my sister in laws blogs. They are cute little guys! Just wanted to share with those of you who may not see their blogs.
This is Jonathan and Tonya's boy. Tyler.
Sleepy Tyler. He is 1 year old!
This is Jennifer and Justin's brood. Evan, and Bryce.
Introducing...the newest addition to the crew...Bryce Gavin! He's 1 day old! (now!)
His big brother, Evan. Evan just turned 2.
Evan, doesn't he look like Jenn??
Evan at his 2nd birthday party.
This is Marianne and Philip's brood. They have the 3 boys. Allan, Daniel and Stephen.
Marianne carrying Stephen on their camping trip.
Look at this little guy! Is he not adorable?? This is Stephen, 9 months old.
Allan and Daniel on their camping trip. Allan is 5 and Daniel is 2.

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