Monday, July 5, 2010


I'm having trouble uploading pictures of Joel and the girls visiting us this past weekend. I will have to try later or another day.

I love country!

I am trying to work on getting our office/playroom (future) done. It is a slow going thing. Aunt MaryLou had given us this picture & berry garland a few weeks ago as a house warming gift. I LOVE it!! So, we ended up getting some things to go along with it from the Amish store out at the mall. The basket my gram gave me. (My Great Aunt Marlene makes baskets) David finally got it up for me this past week and we really like how it all came together! Now to get the rest of the room in order! :)

The stand is something we had got from his parents. Jay refinished it a few years back and it's been in their family for a long time. The picnic basket my Gram gave me too. It's about 40 years old and had never been out of the box! I love the way this all does together!

Landscaping 2010

The hanging baskets are doing really well.
Between the garage doors.
All of David's hard work a few Sat.'s ago.
Miniture rose bush.
Butterfly bush.
Finishing up this side.
Burning bush, rose bush, butterfly bush, rose bush, burning bush & hydrangea.
Ready for mulch!

Yea! Finally, more black mulch!!
Wow! What a difference!

The forsythia's finally got their mulch!
~There is ALOT more to go yet, but one thing at a time! Still have more landscaping things we want to do. We need a sidewalk, the other side of the retaining wall done, a deck just to name a few things! Always a work in progress! =)