Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Tonight was the big Montgomery Halloween parade! It comes right down in front of our house, so that's convienient I guess. My sister Jamie came over with her friends Donnie & Ambra with their daughter, Chloe. Then since the parade started before it was supposed to, Kevin and Dana & Nichloas came after the parade. I love when kids dress up in cute costumes! Here's Nicholas showing off his bat costume!! He's David's little buddy. He was dressed up cute!!
Dana and Nicholas.
Nicholas with his glow stick from the local cop that stopped by.
My sister Jamie with Chloe in costume #1. Cutie!
Ambra and Chloe in costume #2. Cute butterfly!!
Close up!! It's chilly out there!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Gram & Pap celebrate 50 years!!!!

Just some decorations.
Some flowers from Gram's Church from the altar.
Gram holding Braylon. (She hates her picture taken!!)
Gram & Pap opening cards and gifts.
Was able to get a few pictures of them though!! :)
Some of the guests. It was all family.
A little girl my cousin Janelle was babysitting her name is Cherish. She was cute!
Another shot!!

Big smooch!! Ha Ha!!
My Mom and her sisters. From left to righ is : My Mom (Renee), Risa, Richelle and Regina.
My brother holding Braylon. He doesn't look to happy!!
Now he's better!!

We celebrated my Gram & Pap's 50th Wedding Anniversary yesterday. Their real Anniversary is on the 24th which was Friday. About 25 or so family members came to their house. We had cake and ice cream. It was a houseful!! We had a good time seeing everyone!!

10/25/08 Progress!

Saturday we had a good work day. David and Dad S. worked on putting our leftover decking up above the garage for future storage. I didn't get any pictures of that. And I worked on starting to polyurethane the trim. I got quite a bit done, although there is also alot to go yet. I feel I got alot done. David rigged up an extension cord and wired up some lights in the basement and plugged the extension cord into some bare wires and then plugged that into the generator. Safe? Who knows, but it worked! I poly'ed 74 pieces of trim plus 8 pieces of cove molding. It took it's toll on me though standing on concrete all day and then crouching down to lay my wet pieces on the 2x4's to dry. My leg muscles still hurt!! I'm not used to that, I sit at work all day!! We also had alot more rain, as you can see in some pictures the water was coming through the block-NOT GOOD!! We'll see where that goes. The gutters and downspouts are not all on yet, so we'll see!! They were working late tonight drywalling, because the finishers are coming on Wednesday. The stone is also "supposed" to get going this week to.
The pile before I got started.
David's "rig" job for power.
Kids don't try this at home!!
Eureka!! We have lights! (Notice the wet spots in the back round?)
Part 1 of the done pile.
Part 2 of the done pile.
TODAY'S PROGRESS... (not much)

Garage sided and vent is in! Trim started.
Drywalling continues.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday 10/23/08 Progress

It's looking really good now!!
Minus the ugly dumpster and ladder, anyway!

Got some posts up and gutters!
Our bedroom.
Still our bedroom.
Side of garage also got some lovely gutters!
I think she's looking pretty nice!! We love how the colors are looking and coming together! It's hard to picture what everything will look like finished, since you only get small samples! But we really like the colors all put together. I think if I had to describe it when it's done that it will look like a new "old" colonial farmhouse! Which we love!!
We didn't go over to work last night because now David is down with a bad cold and maybe a touch of the flu. So I got some house work done around here while he rested. Today he called off work and was able to sleep alot of the day away. But, we went over tonight just to see what they had done. Looks good! He is feeling a bit better and will probably go to work tomorrow. And now I am starting to get a cold. :( Hopefully mine goes away. We can't keep getting sick , we have work to do! :( I picked up more stain and got some clear coat to get started!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Our lovely dumpster!
Started hanging drywall, yesterday upstairs.

David with his buddy, Nicholas.
Now for today's progress!

Started putting siding under the porch.
Almost done with the 1 bedroom hanging drywall.
Started the other bedroom.
Not to much going on yet. We're still trying to stain the baseboard. We only have about 4 more pieces of that, then we'll still have to do the window jams and spindles for the stairs. They haven't come yet. Tonight we ran out of stain. I'll have to go get some more tomorrow. But it was really windy again tonight! It was really gusting hard, so we had to do it indoors, which is harder for us.
David has been working on re-wiring the panel box and helping me stain. It's been really nice to have him help me. We've actually been able to talk and have actual conversations!! It's been awhile since that's happened!! It's been really nice!! It almost felt like we were back to normal again. Plus it goes faster. I put it on, he wipes it off!
They starting hanging drywall, as you can see. They also have been working on the siding and outside trim. Stone should be started this week also. So that's what's going on with the house.
~Update on David's shoulder.~ It's just now starting to feel a little bit better. He's been taking the pills and using the heating pad. It's still bothering him and his arm/hand still are to. I'm not sure how long we'll let it go. Hopefully it will get better!!
Ta Ta for now!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What is this?? :)

Well, it's a tractor of course!! This is so cute!! Nicholas, Kevin's son that came by this evening, had drawn this for David! He had to give it to David, "today" he said!! He's 4, almost 5 years old. So they dropped it off on their way to Gander Mountain! I thought it was to cute!! He really likes David. Who doesn't? :] They always come on Halloween, Nicholas is dressed up and we all watch the parade that comes right down in front of our house. So, they'll be back for that! :) To cute!!

Saturday 10/18/08 Progress!

Uncle Dave, up there roofin' away!
He's fast!
All but done in the back with the siding, still needs trim!
Looks good! Love the color!
All done with the roofing!!
Roof looks good!!
Today Uncle Dave and (my) David finished up the roofing on the porch and where it ties in together with the garage. They got it done in a matter of a few hours. Uncle Dave is fast at it!
They worked on the siding yesterday and just about have the back completed. Not sure what else Jason and his crew got done. Probably not much if anything at all. He's not overly fast, that's for sure.
I worked on staining again today. I finally got all the trim done, and I started in on the baseboard. Got to one bundle and it wasn't the right stuff, so I called Ray and he has to send it back. I still have to get the rest of the window jams to stain yet, they are coming soon. It was SO COLD today! I had on a sweatshirt, with the hood up and tied tight!! It was in the 40's and about 10-15 mile per hour wind! Needless to say, it was FREEZING!! So I didn't work to fast! :( We ordered pizza for lunch, and we called it quits around 3. We came home and I finally broke down and turned the heat on. I hated to do it, but we're freezing!!
When we got home we chilled out for a bit, then David's friend, Kevin and his son Nicholas came by. So when they left I decided I better get and mow the grass, it's been needing it! So I mowed the grass and David got a shower so he could watch the PENN STATE game. (Which as of now their losing! ) :( Cleaned up around outside and now trying to get warmed up!!