Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall photos

High Knob Overlook.
Look at that view! It was gorgeous!!!
Fall foliage at it's finest!
Again at High Knob overlook.
David trying to hold on to the boys. They wanted over the fence!! Ahhh!!!
I took this!! :)
Barth, Hailey, Gabe & Evan at High Knob overlook.
When we were leaving High Knob, still beautiful!
Little blurry.
Who doesn't love fall??
Gabe & Evan at World's End State Park.
Playing around.
World's End was really pretty to!
David helping me so I wouldn't fall in! Thanks Hun!
David & I.
Hailey and all the boys.

Picking off the fuzzies of his sweater! :)

We went to High Knob Overlook and World's End State Park today to take some fall photos. The leaves are in full peak color. These are the ones I took on my camera, but my friend Nate took some on his camera. We had him do them, he has a fancy camera! We're gonna get a disc with the ones he took tonight or tomorrow, so I'll post those shots later!! So these are some anyway. I think they are pretty!


Kara Plank said...

Aawww. I love World's End State Park. We used to go there every year for a picnic when I was a kid. I really like the pics of you & David on the rocks! You should have them framed!

Joy said...

Very pretty! I love fall, too! Our leaves are just starting to turn here.