Monday, October 27, 2008

Gram & Pap celebrate 50 years!!!!

Just some decorations.
Some flowers from Gram's Church from the altar.
Gram holding Braylon. (She hates her picture taken!!)
Gram & Pap opening cards and gifts.
Was able to get a few pictures of them though!! :)
Some of the guests. It was all family.
A little girl my cousin Janelle was babysitting her name is Cherish. She was cute!
Another shot!!

Big smooch!! Ha Ha!!
My Mom and her sisters. From left to righ is : My Mom (Renee), Risa, Richelle and Regina.
My brother holding Braylon. He doesn't look to happy!!
Now he's better!!

We celebrated my Gram & Pap's 50th Wedding Anniversary yesterday. Their real Anniversary is on the 24th which was Friday. About 25 or so family members came to their house. We had cake and ice cream. It was a houseful!! We had a good time seeing everyone!!

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