Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Our lovely dumpster!
Started hanging drywall, yesterday upstairs.

David with his buddy, Nicholas.
Now for today's progress!

Started putting siding under the porch.
Almost done with the 1 bedroom hanging drywall.
Started the other bedroom.
Not to much going on yet. We're still trying to stain the baseboard. We only have about 4 more pieces of that, then we'll still have to do the window jams and spindles for the stairs. They haven't come yet. Tonight we ran out of stain. I'll have to go get some more tomorrow. But it was really windy again tonight! It was really gusting hard, so we had to do it indoors, which is harder for us.
David has been working on re-wiring the panel box and helping me stain. It's been really nice to have him help me. We've actually been able to talk and have actual conversations!! It's been awhile since that's happened!! It's been really nice!! It almost felt like we were back to normal again. Plus it goes faster. I put it on, he wipes it off!
They starting hanging drywall, as you can see. They also have been working on the siding and outside trim. Stone should be started this week also. So that's what's going on with the house.
~Update on David's shoulder.~ It's just now starting to feel a little bit better. He's been taking the pills and using the heating pad. It's still bothering him and his arm/hand still are to. I'm not sure how long we'll let it go. Hopefully it will get better!!
Ta Ta for now!!

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