Sunday, October 5, 2008

No more dirt pile!!

Filled in with stone.

Filled garage with stone.
Looking outback from garage along back of house, they filled it in.
David and my Dad in our walk in closet. This is my Gram, she hates her picture taken. I'm putting this up anyway!!!
We went over to the house today to take my Gram & Pap through. They hadn't been inside because my Gram had had foot surgery and was to hard to get inside. So we took them through and they brought along my cousin Janelle. My Mom and Dad also came to check out the progress.
They filled the porch and garage with stone. I would imagine they will pour concrete tomorrow. They spread around the dirt pile in the front. That is a huge difference I think. When you come up to it you can fully see it now. It's not hiding behind the dirt pile. They filled around with dirt and put some more insulation in. That's about it. We did get the trim delivered so I get to start staining!! Yippee!! :)

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