Friday, October 17, 2008


David hurt his shoulder last Sunday morning, and all he did was reach up and adjust the shower head and he felt a "tap" around his left shoulder blade. Didn't think anything of it, well it's continued to get worse all week. This morning he asked me to make a Doctor's appt. Well, since he's only been to the Doctor, maybe twice in the nine years I've been with him, I knew it must have been bad. He then called me at work and asked if I had made the appt. yet because he was in alot of pain and his arm/hand was also tingly along with around the shoulder blade was really hurting. He said he couldn't put his arm up over his head. So I called the Doctor and he was able to get him in tonight at 4:45pm.
Well, here's the deal. He may have just a pulled muscle but that doesn't explain the tingly hand. So he checked out the neck, nothing hurt there, so he asked if David had a rash around his shoulder blade and we both said "no." Well, he lifted up his shirt and he had three little red dots on the hurting spot. So, he thinks he may be coming down with shingles!! I am to keep an eye on it and even if I see it progress over the weekend I am to call him right away. I suppose he will call in a prescription or something. Shingles are when you have had the chicken pox, and that virus lies dormant. When you do something to yourself it can come to the spot where the nerve endings are and come out in alot of pain and a rash. ( He explained it better than this!!) The rash can go all over your body and is a rash with little blisters. I asked if it contagious and he said if you've had the chicken pox it's not, but if you haven't had them, it is!! Thankfully I already had them years ago! Hopefully it's just a pulled muscle!!! He did give us some free samples of a muscle relaxer to see if that helps at all. He is also supposed to take 4 Advil, 3 times a day. It's not supposed to make him so groggy. He took one so we'll see if it works!! If it doesn't turn into Shingles, and it doesn't relent soon he may have to go for x-rays or an MRI, Doc said.
Hopefully it's not Shingles, and just a pulled muscle!! We have work to do!! :)

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