Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday 10/15/08 progress

More siding went up today. Not really sure what the GC Jason did today, but we had another meeting with both of the builders today and yet again went another round with them. And yet again we'll see where we get with that. I don't know when they'll "get it." But anyway, I picked up some more stain to get working again on it tomorrow. David will be working on something I'm sure, who knows what. The inspection for insulation and the rest of the electrical will be done Friday. Some more excavating will be done yet probably tomorrow, drywall should be getting started next week, and the stonework is getting started next week. Did I ever mention that we can't wait until this is all done?

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Maria said...

I am sure you can't wait until this is done :) It looks really good even though it has been a long journey.