Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brooke's 1st Halloween

Little piggy. (Because she snorts all the time!)
She didn't like it to much.
Look at those eyes.
Tried to get her while she was smiling, not quick enough.
My fist look yummy.
Yep, I think I'll eat them.
She just woke up, with Aunt tonya.
There's the piggy!!

Movin' dirt

Last weekend David attempted to rip up our back yard. He was trying to get rid of this patch of weeds he created earlier in the Summer, along with spreading the dirt pile out back around. Then he was going to plant new grass. We had not planted new grass back there, but David says about how bumpy it is while he's mowing and so it needed done. It look so much better. The thing he rented to rip up the grass didn't quite do what he thought it would, but it worked I suppose.

He also extended the retaining wall a bit too. He did that a few weeks ago.
The front dirt pile he had been "screening" himself a few days throughout the week.

This is where he spread out the screened topsoil and replanted. We kinda had a dead patch there.
His Dad spreading out straw over it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Another update on Chris & Steph

She had posted an update last night on Face book that Chris was not feeling well. And had been vomiting yesterday. They called the Doctor and they told her that was not good, and to keep an eye on him. If he did it again to get him to the ER at Geisinger. He was not feeling good the end of last week either and ended up getting a blood transfusion and was scheduled for another one this morning. So, that is what I know for now! I ask for you continued thoughts and prayers for them and their families and the Doctors and nurses to know how to help him!! Thanks!

*Again, if there is anything at all you can donate to them be it monetary, gift cards, etc, please get it to me soon!! Please send it C/O:

April Slagenweit
2003 Vincent Ave.
Watsontown, PA 17777

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Update on Chris & Steph

Chris came home this week. He is feeling okay and is very tired. His counts are still low and Steph is giving him shots of Lovonox in the stomach to help bring them up. They have asked for prayers to keep the fevers gone and to be pain free. Thanks again.

As for the donations I am trying to raise I have got quite a few people to say they would help! I have received one thing so far, so praying everyone that said they would help comes through! :/ They have no idea I am doing this so, I think they will be very surprised! I am planning on trying to sell sandwiches at work to also help raise money. Please, if any one else can do anything at all to help, please send donations, gift cards, gas cards to me to put together for them! Thank you for all the prayers and supporting Chris and Steph!!

Donations send C/O:
April Slagenweit
2003 Vincent Ave.
Watsontown, Pa 17777

Monday, October 11, 2010


Hi. I am here to ask a question/favor. My friend Steph has been married to her husband Chris for 5 years. Almost all of that time he has battled cancer. They were only married 4 months when this all began. First, he had it on his face. He had the tumor removed and due to that he has some facial problems. He has to wear an eye patch because his eye droops. There is no support to help keep his eye up, among other problems it created. (During this time he has not been able to find a job) A little while later they found a spot on his lung, which they also removed. Everything seemed to be ok, but a little while ago they found an inoperable mass around his stomach/intestine area. He has undergone radiation and just completed his 3rd round of chemo. He is very sick, bloated, uncontrollable fevers all the time, blood pressure keeps going down, and his counts keep going haywire.
I always tell Steph to let me know if I can do anything, but we all know people don't like to ask for help! I really want to help them!! So, I asked my cousin Sara who has battled breast cancer (AND WON!!) what in her experience could people do that helped. She gave me allot of great ideas!! Besides some other things like sending cards to encourage, she said, food, money, gift cards for grocery stores, restaurants, movie theater, anything special. Also, gas cards were a God send she said. Traveling from Williamsport to Geisinger all the time cannot be cheap! She said that even when she had "good" days her and her husband would want to go on a date, but it's hard when you have all those doctor bills in your face. So, I know I can only do so much, but if I asked everyone I knew, and reached out to people, people would step up!! I am asking you if you would be willing to donate any of these things and get them to me so I can put them all together and give it to them!! Through this their Faith in God has never wavered. I know it is with His strength that they continue to get through. I know they would be so grateful!!! My cousin Sara also said those people that always asked "anything I can do, let me know" made her sort of mad. She said she didn't want to ask, but when people just did it, her and her husband and kids were SO GRATEFUL!! So, if anything at all would be greatly appreciated!! I figured if everyone could do just a little something it will add up to something great!! Thanks!!!!
Please send C/O:
April Slagenweit
2003 Vincent Ave.
Watsontown, PA 17777

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Brooke pictures

Although I hardly ever see her in person, I still can see pictures of her from off the computer. Here are a couple new pictures of her. She's 5 months old now and quite chubby! ;)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Watsontown Yard Sale buys

Once again my Mom, Jamie and I headed out last Saturday to the Watsontown community yard sales. We got a map and left at 6:30am! :) I was looking more for baby items, which we didn't really find that it wouldn't be distinctly for a boy/girl. But I did find some stuff. There were 166 yard sales on the map!!
1st yard sale I bought a little pink tutu! Wishful thinking that someday I will have a girl and use this to take pictures! Less than .25!
GAP sweater $5.00
Again with the wishful thinking! Little plaid dress. So cute! $2.00
Little boys jackets and a cozy cover for a carseat. Jackets together $1.00. Cozy cover $1.00
Giraffe print purse $5.00
Boyd's bears. $21.00
All of the following Boyd's bear resins I got for $5.00 a piece!! DEAL!! :)