Monday, October 11, 2010


Hi. I am here to ask a question/favor. My friend Steph has been married to her husband Chris for 5 years. Almost all of that time he has battled cancer. They were only married 4 months when this all began. First, he had it on his face. He had the tumor removed and due to that he has some facial problems. He has to wear an eye patch because his eye droops. There is no support to help keep his eye up, among other problems it created. (During this time he has not been able to find a job) A little while later they found a spot on his lung, which they also removed. Everything seemed to be ok, but a little while ago they found an inoperable mass around his stomach/intestine area. He has undergone radiation and just completed his 3rd round of chemo. He is very sick, bloated, uncontrollable fevers all the time, blood pressure keeps going down, and his counts keep going haywire.
I always tell Steph to let me know if I can do anything, but we all know people don't like to ask for help! I really want to help them!! So, I asked my cousin Sara who has battled breast cancer (AND WON!!) what in her experience could people do that helped. She gave me allot of great ideas!! Besides some other things like sending cards to encourage, she said, food, money, gift cards for grocery stores, restaurants, movie theater, anything special. Also, gas cards were a God send she said. Traveling from Williamsport to Geisinger all the time cannot be cheap! She said that even when she had "good" days her and her husband would want to go on a date, but it's hard when you have all those doctor bills in your face. So, I know I can only do so much, but if I asked everyone I knew, and reached out to people, people would step up!! I am asking you if you would be willing to donate any of these things and get them to me so I can put them all together and give it to them!! Through this their Faith in God has never wavered. I know it is with His strength that they continue to get through. I know they would be so grateful!!! My cousin Sara also said those people that always asked "anything I can do, let me know" made her sort of mad. She said she didn't want to ask, but when people just did it, her and her husband and kids were SO GRATEFUL!! So, if anything at all would be greatly appreciated!! I figured if everyone could do just a little something it will add up to something great!! Thanks!!!!
Please send C/O:
April Slagenweit
2003 Vincent Ave.
Watsontown, PA 17777

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