Monday, April 29, 2013

A Country Gal

Our sitter and friend, Becky's parents still live on a farm so we were invited to stop by for a visit Friday evening.  She wasn't to sure at first, but then loved the animals and didn't want to leave.  We saw cows, geese, mini horse, goat, chicken, bunny, dog and cat.  I to thought it was interesting.  David cannot stand the farm or farm life, but I think it's so neat. (although I KNOW I would not be able to live on a farm!) Still interesting to me.   
Saying "Hi" to the cows.
Ready with her Hello Kitty boots. :)
Why Hello there cow!

Then Fri, we picked up my Mom and went to 4th Friday.  A (very) small little block party in Muncy.  They had a band which Kaylynn loved.  A few stands, etc.  Muncy Bank and Trust let her plant a flower and got to take it with us for free, so that was nice.  Mom and the lady helped her. 


Helping Mommy make brownies.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Little Princess

Can it be that our little Princess seems so much bigger everyday?! She's such a big girl and so independent!  David's been working his side job, so her and I had a "girls weekend."  We had a blast!  She is so funny!  Quite an entertainer!  Here's some pics of my girl!
 WE went to preview the auction and we stopped to get ice cream.  She INSISTED on holding them and this is her saying "cheeeeeeesseee!"
Our lunch date with Erin and Austin at McDonald's yesterday.  Broadening her horizons and took a few bites of plain cheeseburger! (after she ate all 4 nuggets!)
We bought her a used power wheel off Craigslist the other week.  Since bringing it home, cleaning it up, she will only sit in it.  She would get scared and cry when you made it go.  Well, tonight for some reason I tried again and she went!!  She loved it!!  Now we just have to work on steering.  When she goes she leans back and enjoys the ride instead of steering the wheels! HA!! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Huge Answer to Prayer!

As many of you that follow this know, my Aunt didn't know if she would donate stem cells for my Mom.  Finally today she went to Hershey with her husband and saw the Doctor.  They did a EKG, chest xray and blood work while she was there.  Got everything set up for May.  So first of all I had been praying that she would even say yes, let alone actually get this appt done and these tests she needed to get done!  Now to have her actually have her go through with it, which I think she will!!  What a huge relief.....for now anyway.  This was a big step for our family.  So I wanna say it's May 13th, 14th and 15th my Aunt will get what I call booster shots to boost her cells counts really high. And then the 17th is D-day.  She will be donating her stem cells.  As far as Mom knows she is supposed to get 1 day prior transplant, 1 day of high dose chemo, then transplant that does not get frozen so we are guessing it would also take place May 17th??  Not sure on the little details yet, but it's gonna happen....and soon! The big "T" word is so scary to me!  And I know it's scary for our whole family.  Please keep my Mom, Aunt and family in your prayers!! Thanks!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Big Helper!

Big helper slid a step stool over beside me and said "I help." But she wasn't tall enough still to reach so Daddy got her a chair. She was a big helper! I love moments like these! She was quite upset when we were done! ;) P.S please don't mind her crazy hair, she wiped her messy food hands in it while we ate dinner!

Easter Dinner 2013

I forgot to post all my pictures from Easter!  So here they are!  We had dinner at our house, then a egg hunt for the kids.  And after the egg hunt we did bubbles and kites for the kids.  Although I have been waiting to fly the kites since I bought them! ;)  I think there were about 14 of us and 3 kids.  A good time had by all I believe!  

 Kaylynn's yummy!!
 Julian helped me clean up!

 Brooke and Gram.
 Aunt Rise, Jamie and Mom.
 Kaylynn getting goodies from everyone!
 Mom and I.
 She could have cared less. LOL!!!

 Brooke finding the golden egg.
 Kaylynn and I flying kites.
 This is hers.  I had the line out as far as it would go! I had a blast!!
I like chocolate Mommy!!

Easter Morning

This was Easter morning.  These were Kaylynn's gifts for Easter.  Mostly Summer outfits and sandals, and really soft lamb stuffed animal.  She was all about the candy, so we had to finally hide it.  Better morning than her 1st Easter of having an ear infection and breaking out in terrible hives because she was allergic to the antibiotic.