Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Little Princess

Can it be that our little Princess seems so much bigger everyday?! She's such a big girl and so independent!  David's been working his side job, so her and I had a "girls weekend."  We had a blast!  She is so funny!  Quite an entertainer!  Here's some pics of my girl!
 WE went to preview the auction and we stopped to get ice cream.  She INSISTED on holding them and this is her saying "cheeeeeeesseee!"
Our lunch date with Erin and Austin at McDonald's yesterday.  Broadening her horizons and took a few bites of plain cheeseburger! (after she ate all 4 nuggets!)
We bought her a used power wheel off Craigslist the other week.  Since bringing it home, cleaning it up, she will only sit in it.  She would get scared and cry when you made it go.  Well, tonight for some reason I tried again and she went!!  She loved it!!  Now we just have to work on steering.  When she goes she leans back and enjoys the ride instead of steering the wheels! HA!! 

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