Monday, April 29, 2013

A Country Gal

Our sitter and friend, Becky's parents still live on a farm so we were invited to stop by for a visit Friday evening.  She wasn't to sure at first, but then loved the animals and didn't want to leave.  We saw cows, geese, mini horse, goat, chicken, bunny, dog and cat.  I to thought it was interesting.  David cannot stand the farm or farm life, but I think it's so neat. (although I KNOW I would not be able to live on a farm!) Still interesting to me.   
Saying "Hi" to the cows.
Ready with her Hello Kitty boots. :)
Why Hello there cow!

Then Fri, we picked up my Mom and went to 4th Friday.  A (very) small little block party in Muncy.  They had a band which Kaylynn loved.  A few stands, etc.  Muncy Bank and Trust let her plant a flower and got to take it with us for free, so that was nice.  Mom and the lady helped her. 


Helping Mommy make brownies.

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