Sunday, July 27, 2014

Home Improvements

A homeowner's work is never done....says EVERY homeowner I know! Ha!!  Well, it is a very true statement.  There is always something that needs done.  We have been trying to get more landscaping done for some time.  We took the mulch up last year and meant to get stone down.  Well Winter came and we didn't have it done. And the stone we were going to get fell through.  So, we went with 2b red stone.  It looks nice!! Poor David had to make 15 trips to the landscaping place to get it cause he could only get 1 ton at a time. (He did not want to get a dump truck full to sit here? Not sure why.) And unloaded it all by himself.  He was whooped by the time it was done.  He also started replacing the trim around the back doors because they are rotted.  And ripped the steps off the back of the house.  They are rotted also and we don't use them.
Next phase is to push our junk pile into the culvert outback.  Put our boulder there in the front between the two bushes you see.  Then onto the other side of the retaining wall and patio poured down at the basement door.  Not sure what else he has planned for this Summer, but come Spring we are hoping to get a deck on the house finally!!  Why if only this stuff didn't cost any money!