Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Prayer Request

Without going into alot of detail, I have a prayer request. My Aunt's boyfriend, Jerry,of 20 years and the Father of my 2 cousins, Josh and Janelle, passed away today. He committed suicide. He had hung himself, when someone found him this morning. His family, and mine are very distraught and upset. Especially my 2 cousins who just lost their Dad. Just please keep the families in your thoughts and prayers through this very difficult time. Thank you very much.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Topsoil delivery

Topsoil started being delivered today. It looks pretty nice! 6 loads so far. I think 1 more might be coming yet. Boy do those piles add up!! $$$ The excavation is done besides spreading out the topsoil. Bill has done an excellent job and has not only worked well with us and making sure we're thinking ahead, making sure he's doing it the way we want, but he has been here alot talking about what he's gonna do, what and when he's going to do it making sure we're on the same page. He is HIGHLY recommended!!! He does just about anything as far as excavation is concerned!
Nice dirt. 1 triaxle load.
Boy it looks like a big truck until they dump it, then it looks smaller!! 1 triaxle load.
3 loads here.
***Other happenings around here...***
Got the screens in over the weekend!!
This is what we have resorted to!! Rolling coins to pay for stuff!! Ahhh!!! Were do those money trees grow?? Anyone figured it out yet??? Let us know!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tyler update!

Here are a few recent pictures of Tyler! He is getting so big!! I have alot of videos they send me on my phone but still have not figured out how to get them on here. But these are the pictures they send me! We love getting them. He is going to be a year old in May!!! I can't believe it! Where does the time go?
Look at those teeth!!
Such a smile!
He's a tired boy.
I'm not exactly sure what this is but I know it's Tyler but it looks like a picture of a picture. It's a little dark on here. But cute!!!

Man the trenches!!

Today David, Kevin and Nicholas were working on the trenches for running our downspouts underground. Kevin ran the machine while Nicholas helped David. He helped dig and pick out rocks. He was filthy and tired when they were done. He follows David all over, it's so cute. But they got the trenches done today. Check that off the list! Yesterday I took 1/2 day from work and got all my windows cleaned and the screens in. (Almost all the screens in!) And today did laundry and cleaned up inside. Little by little each weekend we get more done. Still alot to go, but we're gettin there! I was supposed to babysit today, but it didn't work out. So we're calling it a day because the NFL draft started today at 4:00pm and is on tomorrow so David will be watching it for the rest of tonight. So I'm just gonna relax!
David gettin the pipes ready.
Taken from upstairs at the sliding glass door. David and Nicholas.
Two peas in a pod.
Kevin on the machine.
Pickin rocks...and they are everywhere!!!
**Also, I forgot to put his name, so if you need any kind of excavation work done Bill Moore is your guy!!! He knows what he's doing!!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Re-excavation Day 5

I found all this when I got home today! Trenches are dug for David to run our downspouts underground. It was cheaper to have the excavator dig the trenches than David to rent the trencher head he would need to do it. Plus it would have taken David alot longer. He also got us the pipe we need to do it. And he got the stone in the driveway down. He wasn't a happy camper come to find out the builders excavator had built 2B stone up about 2 feet deep! It should have been shale then 2B stone on top. He said he had alot of extra work to have it done the correct way and the longer he went the madder he was getting. We still need a little more stone in the turnaround. But he brought dirt up and leveled up the dirt/yard up to the driveway. Leveled the driveway up and straightened it. We can pull in the garage now no problem! You cannot believe how different it looks now!!! We (I especially) are ecstatic!! It is really looking great and is coming together nicely!! Now the next big thing is to get the downspouts underground then topsoil!!
Trenches dug and ready.
Look! A straight driveway, stone all the way to the end and LEVEL!!!! =]
I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!
The front looks better and better!!
LEVEL!!!!!! If you look at past posts you can remember how it did look.
Turnaround/extra parking. Plus no more hump!!!!
More trenches out back.
Another driveway shot! :)
Did I mention that it's FINALLY LEVEL????
Did I also mention that we can drive right in the garage with no problems??

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Got my car back!

Well, got my car back today! It's like a new car! They cleaned it inside and out! Washed, waxed and the tires armor all'd. I was very nervous driving it, realizing that the last time I was in it I was in an accident! I am still very nervous and extra cautious right now. It's still a little nerve racking driving since then, but it will pass. I also got 4 new tires. The front left had a slice in it and they called and said the rest were not good so I opted for 3 more new ones. So it really is feeling new! I got it home and in the garage just before it rained!! So it's still clean!! =]

Like new!
Close up!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Re-excavation Day 4

This is the work that got done yesterday. It was really nice and warm out. It was 78 at one point. Anyway, the hump out front in gone!!! Woo hoo! It looks so much better!! He also cut in an area for turning around and to park extra cars if need be. They hauled alot ( I lost count after 5) of worthless dirt out and over to Kevin's house. He needs it to fill in by his garage. He also took a load of big rocks to. He tried to smooth out the bank a little and slope that front area down. He also cut in a a small swail at the bottom of the bank. He's still not done. He still has a little smoothing to do, taking and scraping off some dirt along the garage, building up along the driveway, stones on driveway and eventually soon topsoil. It will look so different when it's all done. And we kept busy by playing with Nicholas while Kevin hauled dirt over to his house. He played us out! Where do they get their energy from??? Then we went to Tom Weaver's for pizza and ice cream with Kevin, Dana and Nicholas- then we went home to watch a movie.
1st truckload of dirt going bye, bye.
Trying to slope it down.
Playing tennis with David.
It was hilarious when he would do this and try to hit the ball.
Then trying their hand at golf.
A little blurry but, David trying to show him how to hold and play golf.
We could not get him to hold it right, but he was having fun doing it his own way.
To funny!
Now playing golf with a tennis ball on an obstacle course Nicholas set up. It was getting interesting.
Cutting in the turn around area.
Yeah! The hump is gone!!
I cannot tell you how happy we are with this!!!
Ruts gone, big rocks gone!!
Looking better by the minute!!
Area for the turn around.
The milk can my Mom and Dad got me and the flower pot with pansies in there that Mom S. planted for me.
The tree on the left is ours. It is a flowering pink dogwood tree. It was our "I owe you" from Mom and Dad S. for our Anniversary gift form last year. They went and got it for us yesterday, along with their Red bud tree. They are going to keep it over there for a bit until we are done pushing dirt around.