Saturday, April 11, 2009

Re-excavation Day 1

Here are some pics from yesterday. Our excavator got started, and although it may not look like much- it actually looks really different! It's not done and already looks so much better. When he started digging for the swail and out back by the basement he found topsoil that the builders excavator buried. He said they should have separated it when they dug the foundation. So he has been trying to put it all around for us. In the front, along the side and back. Is is out there right now doing more work and I see he has more topsoil piles. So clearly the builders excavator didn't know what they were doing. So, he's out there working today trying to run water to daylight from the walkout basement. Unfortunately I don't think we'll be able to get stone for the driveway today, but I'll post updated pics from today when he's done! I am SO HAPPY it's getting done and done right!!!!!!! =]

Topsoil was added to front along stoned area of house and feathered out in the yard. (and ruts from a dumptruck filled in.)
Cutting out by the basement doors to run it to daylight and make it more functional down the road when we add a deck and retaining walls.
David with paint to mark out where to dig out.
Very hard to tell, but this is the swail along our property line to catch water since we live on a hill. He did a good job here, you can hardly tell one is there! He also said he'll be able to mow over it.
Looking better out back.
After he left David used his machine to gather and pile up all the big rocks to make his job easier today.
Added topsoil along north side of house.
I am so happy!!
Gathered up all the sod and hauled 2 truckloads out to bury at David's friend Kevin's house. We can't really use it since it's sod, it would just cause more work when we plant grass.
After was all said and done my sisters came over to visit, so David rode my bike over to Mom and Dad S's to pump up the tires. You see he keeps telling me he's gonna ride my bike to & from work. Well, it's only 2.5 miles away, but #1 there are hills and #2 I never have seen him ride a bike in 10 years of being together! Plus he's a smoker!! I told him sorry, but face reality, do you really want to have to work all day then ride a bike home especially in the hot, humid summer? He was adamant about doing the ride over to his parents (that live right behind us) and up their driveway (it's a hill!) and home, he has decided that he will indeed just drive to work!! My sisters and I laughed hysterically at him on the bike!! It was just to funny!!!!!

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