Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Topsoil delivery

Topsoil started being delivered today. It looks pretty nice! 6 loads so far. I think 1 more might be coming yet. Boy do those piles add up!! $$$ The excavation is done besides spreading out the topsoil. Bill has done an excellent job and has not only worked well with us and making sure we're thinking ahead, making sure he's doing it the way we want, but he has been here alot talking about what he's gonna do, what and when he's going to do it making sure we're on the same page. He is HIGHLY recommended!!! He does just about anything as far as excavation is concerned!
Nice dirt. 1 triaxle load.
Boy it looks like a big truck until they dump it, then it looks smaller!! 1 triaxle load.
3 loads here.
***Other happenings around here...***
Got the screens in over the weekend!!
This is what we have resorted to!! Rolling coins to pay for stuff!! Ahhh!!! Were do those money trees grow?? Anyone figured it out yet??? Let us know!!

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