Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Re-excavation Day 3

Okay, I tried to find some pictures quick for the before and after look. Here are a few before. Not the best, but still gives you an idea. Our excavator was here yesterday working outback again. I think he's done back there, but I'm not sure. It looks SO much better. And the best thing is water is running to daylight or the swail!! Things are getting smoothed out and topsoil that he is finding is getting spread out. It is looking alot better. It may not look like much in pictures, but in person it look really different!
Ruts in yard. Cement left in yard.
Mortar and cement mess they left in yard.
Ruts, cement, bumpy and just overall bad excavation. Look how is severely drops off to the right. It wasn't feathered out right.
It's hard to see, but there is a huge hump out front by the road and driveway that we had complained and complained about, but it's still there. It is being fixed this Sat. I'll have pics of that later!!
This is just part of how they left things in the back of the house. Just things exposed and never back filled in.
More of the front. Nice huh? Clowns....
And this takes the cake!! Look at how they left our walk out basement area!! We have water that collects there at the door from 3 different ways!! Left side, right side and back because it wasn't ran to daylight! Not to mention the downspout comes down there to and has already eroded the bank away.
David is going to run the downspouts underground here soon, but he added topsoil to the side of the house!
Doesn't look like much, but it is awesome!! He cut it out and ran it to daylight.
Added topsoil at the back of the house to, and smoothed it all out. And pushed it all in up by the house, by the steps and PPL box, etc.
Ahhh...looks better! I am so happy!!
It really opened it up there. Someday when we have a deck, we will have a little courtyard area here. A place to hang my porch swing, chairs and such. And "eventually" we will need to add retaining walls on either side and the retaining wall to your right will extend out beyond the deck and in the curve of the wall I would like to see landscaping and a water feature!! Dream big!! ;) Eventually is our new favorite word!! I'm dreaming up big plans for that area!! :)
Right here we had him cut out extra to make it a little bigger area there.
The right side actually slopes down and around that he'll be able to mow.
Future retaining wall and water feature area!! ;) ;) =] And beyond, the water ran to swail. LOOKS WAY BETTER!!!!!! He knows what he's doing!!

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