Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bad day. :(

I was in a car accident today on my way to Ben Franklin. Around 12:30pm ish. My first ever! I was coming down Penn St. in Muncy when I got in the right hand lane to turn onto PA 442. Well there was a red light and the traffic sitting there waiting to go straight left this lady through to turn into the gas station/ Subway and I saw her at the last second. I slammed on my brakes and tryed to swerve into the entrace of the gas station, but to late, she slammed into me. The impact was right into my drivers side whole front tire,quarter panel, bumper, headlight, drivers door, hood. Her car was right up against mine so i had to crawl out the passenger side. The PA State police came. (not fast either!!) and assessed the situation took our statements and tryed to yank on my fender to get it up off the tire to try to drive it. David tried to drive it to a safer place, but that tire won't turn. The cop looked and said that the linkage joint is broken, it won't allow the tire to turn. So it's undrivable. I called the insurance company but the place we're gonna have fix it isn't open today so I have to wait until Monday to be towed by them. I tryed to call some other tow trucks to at least get it back home, but no one answered!! So it still sits at the gas station in Muncy. :( My car is really jacked up!!
I took pictures on my phone, I'll post them a little later.

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Faithe said...

I'm so sorry....but glad you weren't hurt. A car can be fixed/replaced, but when you are hurt physically, health can't be bought.
By the way, we haven't heard how your meeting went yesterday with the builder. Are the issues resolved? Hope so.
Take care, and trust everything works out okay with your car.