Saturday, April 11, 2009

Re-excavation Day 2

Here is today's progress. He didn't get here until late and he didn't stay long. He is still working on the walk out basement area. He still has alot more to dig out, and as you can see he is finding lots of topsoil! That's what all those piles are. He said there is probably more under there. As you look at it he is going to dig more out and back on the right side and gently slope it down and around so David (or I) can mow it. To the left if you can see David's orange dashed lines he is going to dig it back to there and try to curve it out past where the deck "will" be. I have big ideas for all that down the road!!! ;) Next Sat. the hump out front will be removed/fixed and maybe the driveway can get done to! Once the excavation is done then David has to run our downspouts underground....It'll look so great once this is all done! Especially when we have grass and then landscaping!!
More to be cut back and gently sloped here.
Making progress!!
More topsoil Yeah!!

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