Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jordan Family Reunion 2013

Last Sat. (my 32nd birthday...gulp..ha!) was our friends' son Austin's 5th birthday party at a park, and when that was over we had my family reunion.  Jordan, my Grandmother's maiden name, so my Gram's/Mom's side of the family.  We used to have these, but they kind of fizzled out.  But after the suicide of my 12 year old cousin Alexis, we started it back up.  So a lot of people couldn't make it, but hopefully they will make it a priority next year!!  Had a good time, minus the rain.  There was some times it didn't rain so the kids got to play at the park right there at the pavilion.  Here are a few shots. (mostly of Kaylynn)
 They had a cool pirate ship!
 My niece Brooke and Kaylynn.
 Ahoy matey!
 View from atop the pirate ship.
 Cute little park.
 Kaylynn with my sister Jamie and boyfriend, Rick.
 "Fishing" game.
 Riding with Daddy!
 Piñata time!

 My Mom (apparently she was thirsty, ha!) Kaylynn plugging her ears.  LOL! This is her new thing.  Whenever she thinks something is to loud she says "plug ears" and she does this. To funny!
 Another try at the Piñata. (Someone had broke the string and we resorted to whacking it on the ground!

AWWW!!! I love this kid to pieces!!!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Kaylynn made this at Becky's (the babysitter) today! I think it is the cutest thing! The trunk is her arm, then up to her hand, then they sponged on the leaves and glued on the felt owls.  It is adorable!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Friend Day at Church

Today we had been invited to go to New Columbia Church by a friend, Sheri Vincent.  It was good to go, and Kaylynn was good.  I didn't even have to take her out! Although she was getting a little antsy there by the end. Everyone got watermelons as they left.  It was good to see so many people we know.  Then they had a potluck dinner at a social hall.  There was so much food!! And so good!!  Had a good time! Thanks to Sheri for inviting us. :)  I did not get a family picture of all of us though. I was hoping to get one.
The only picture I did get of Kaylynn at the dinner.  This is all she would do when I would ask her to smile pretty for me.  LOL!! Only my child!
This evening she was wearing around Mommy's shoes.
Kaylynn and I last Wednesday when I was off to take her to her appt. at Geisinger.  Which we saw a PEDS nephrologist.  H/e was great.  You can tell he works with kids every day.  But, he didn't have her ultrasound results and he went over everything that's been going on.  At this point when they are so little it's so hard to figure out what's wrong without putting them through every test out there to figure it out.  He wants to see her ultrasounds (her regular Doc reported to us they were normal) if HE see's anything then we will proceed with a procedure  where they use a catheter in her bladder and fill it with something and basically watch it to see what happens, to check to see if the fluid goes anywhere else.  Otherwise, he told us to basically sweat it out with her. Her "spells" of when she carries on about it have been better, but still there.  So we continue to pray for answers. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Last Sunday evening Kaylynn and I went to a nearby campground site where my Aunt Shell camps.  My Mom and Dad were there visiting so we stopped over too.  It was her first time seeing the river up close, and a campfire, feeding ducks, etc.  She really enjoyed it.  It was very hot and humid which made it very uncomfortable, but she had a good time.  My Dad made her a hot dog over the fire.  These are a few pics my Aunt took on her awesome new camera.
 Kaylynn and I.
 Feeding the ducks.
 Watching boats on the river.

My Momma.  1 year after the diagnosis of Leukemia.  Chemo treatments, lots of stuff in between and a stem cell transplant, everything seems ok so far! She gets another bone marrow biopsy in about 2 weeks. Prayers!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


After yet another trip to the ER with Kaylynn this past Sunday due to her carrying on like she's been forever it seems.  She had a low grade fever and also holding her back on both sides complaining her back hurts. They did a catheter on her and it came back ok.  I called her regular Doc to let them know and pretty much told them something more has GOT to be done.  I said she needs to start with either an xray. or ultrasound or something!  So, they talked to the Doc and scheduled a bladder and kidney ultrasound for Thursday at 5pm.  And a urgent request went in to a PEDS urologist at Geisinger.  So, we shall see what (if anything, which I really, really think there is) is going on.  I am guessing and wondering now if it could be kidney reflux??  We shall see! Please pray we get to the bottom of this and she gets the help she needs!!