Sunday, September 15, 2013

Friend Day at Church

Today we had been invited to go to New Columbia Church by a friend, Sheri Vincent.  It was good to go, and Kaylynn was good.  I didn't even have to take her out! Although she was getting a little antsy there by the end. Everyone got watermelons as they left.  It was good to see so many people we know.  Then they had a potluck dinner at a social hall.  There was so much food!! And so good!!  Had a good time! Thanks to Sheri for inviting us. :)  I did not get a family picture of all of us though. I was hoping to get one.
The only picture I did get of Kaylynn at the dinner.  This is all she would do when I would ask her to smile pretty for me.  LOL!! Only my child!
This evening she was wearing around Mommy's shoes.
Kaylynn and I last Wednesday when I was off to take her to her appt. at Geisinger.  Which we saw a PEDS nephrologist.  H/e was great.  You can tell he works with kids every day.  But, he didn't have her ultrasound results and he went over everything that's been going on.  At this point when they are so little it's so hard to figure out what's wrong without putting them through every test out there to figure it out.  He wants to see her ultrasounds (her regular Doc reported to us they were normal) if HE see's anything then we will proceed with a procedure  where they use a catheter in her bladder and fill it with something and basically watch it to see what happens, to check to see if the fluid goes anywhere else.  Otherwise, he told us to basically sweat it out with her. Her "spells" of when she carries on about it have been better, but still there.  So we continue to pray for answers. 

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