Tuesday, September 3, 2013


After yet another trip to the ER with Kaylynn this past Sunday due to her carrying on like she's been forever it seems.  She had a low grade fever and also holding her back on both sides complaining her back hurts. They did a catheter on her and it came back ok.  I called her regular Doc to let them know and pretty much told them something more has GOT to be done.  I said she needs to start with either an xray. or ultrasound or something!  So, they talked to the Doc and scheduled a bladder and kidney ultrasound for Thursday at 5pm.  And a urgent request went in to a PEDS urologist at Geisinger.  So, we shall see what (if anything, which I really, really think there is) is going on.  I am guessing and wondering now if it could be kidney reflux??  We shall see! Please pray we get to the bottom of this and she gets the help she needs!!

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