Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Doctor's Appt. Update (39 weeks)

Today was my Doctor's appt. Since I didn't go in the 48-72 hours she thought last week! Any who... The update is that the heartbeat was still at 144 BPM. My blood pressure was 132/80, so down even a little from last week. And I had her check me again this week and I am "a good 4cm" dilated and 80% effaced. (was 3 cm and 50% last week) Didn't tell me the station of the head this time. I am assuming the "good 4 cm" means that maybe I'm really close to being 5 cm??
I asked about the contractions and she said they are different for everyone, but if I have anything that is rhythmic, to start timing them! I have had them, but they don't seem to stick around. Today I seem to have alot of pressure now too. I also asked if there is a time frame or a window of time to be able to get the epidural, and she said no. It depends more on your numbers. For instance she said it doesn't just depend on dilation. That and your effacement get taken into account. Good to know!! ;)
So, with that being said. She told me she'd be very surprised if I make it through the weekend. She highly doubts I'll make it to my due date, which is next Wed. July 6th. BUT, if I do, then I need to come to the next appt with a few induction dates in mind so we can evict this little one. So, that's the story for now, we'll keep ya posted!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kaylynn?? You in there??

Since Wednesday when I saw the midwife not a whole lot has been happening. I have had some real contractions here and there but never close enough to time. I am still losing my mucus plug little by little, so maybe with each bit that does come out that will mean something will start happening?! Of course she said the next 48-72 hours, but the baby does have her own agenda. It's getting frustrating waiting for something to happen. Especially when I work full time. Do I go to work, or don't I? I went yesterday, but decided to stay home today to rest and then get things done around here hoping that would kick start something! But so far, nada. So I guess I shoulda went to work.

I rearranged the closet downstairs. Paid some bills. I've been doing laundry all day, so you would think going up and down the stairs would do it, right?? Here's hoping something starts soon because although I am terrified, I am getting to the point of ok, let's just do this!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby on the way!

Well, had my Doctor's appt today! I had the midwife check to see if I was dilated since I've been leaking a little fluid and having some contractions. And I am 3cm and 50% efaced and her head is at -1. She said we should be having a baby within the next 48-72 hours! She also gave me an approx weight of 8lbs. 8ozs. I asked how she came with that number and she said by feeling her butt! LOL! She said she's felt thousands of butts! And she said she's been right on this week! But if she is off, she usually guesses 1lb over what it'll be or 3oz under. She also said don't be upset if I have to keep my appt next week because she's not here yet, because the baby has her own agenda and didn't bother to share it with her. :) So, we shall see!! Pray for us!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Final Preparations

Well, although I haven't finished packing MY bag for the hospital yet. (It's started) We started packing her diaper bag tonight to take along. We just picked out a couple outfits to pack to bring her home in. Since we won't know how big she is, or the weather, we picked out like 3 outfits! :)

David set up her monitor tonight also. Very sensitive! And I got out all the 4 oz. bottles and the nipples and took them downstairs. I boiled and sterilized the nipples and washed the bottles. I got and put the baby food my brother gave me that my niece, Brooke doesn't need anymore away. They gave me 21 jars! They don't expire until 2012 and 2013! Pretty sweet! I did have to clean out some cluttered cupboards to store them. Long overdue anyway.

We also finally got to take a tour of labor and delivery at Geisinger yesterday. Very snazzy place to have a baby!! The rooms are huge! You deliver right there in the room. Showed us around. Answered some questions. They assured me more than once not to be scared or nervous they will take good care of me. Seeing it helped slightly, but I am still really anxious and downright terrified! I just keep praying "Let everything go fast and smooth, without incident. Let her be healthy and just be with us, because I cannot do this without you!!"

Tomorrow is my Doctor's appt. I see the midwife. I am 38 weeks tomorrow also. I think I may have her check to see if I'm dilated at all. I am feeling her getting lower, and feeling a bit of pressure too. Let me tell you, my siatic (sp?) nerve is KILLING me!! I gimp around walking everywhere! 15 days.............if not before!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Flowers 2011

My red, white and blue hanging baskets I planted.
The other one.
My birdhouse bench with my other flowers.
All the things we got from the Amish auction last year has REALLY taken off!
Where David dug out for our sidewalks.
Along the garage.
Also where David dug out of a concrete ramp coming out of the garage.
Our forsythia bushes we also got at the Amish auction last year. They were little last year, now look at them!! They need majorly cut back!!
My milkcan and toolbox I got the other year at a craft show that I plant flowers in.
It may be hard to see, but this milk crate says "Ritchey's Dairy Martinsburg PA" I randomly found this at a antique little hole in the wall in Montgomery. I just had to buy it!! Plus I like stuff like that anyway! Martinsburg is where David and his family is from!! Neat!
On the other side. The rose bushes and butterfly bush also need trimmed! They really grew!
Where the sidewalk will be, hopefully SOON!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Doctor's Appt. Update

I had my Doctor's appt today. All in all a good report. My blood pressure went down slightly to 134/82 it was 138/90 last Thursday and even higher when Jenn had checked it Saturday. Heartbeat is still around 150 BPM. He actually checked my belly!! Can you believe it?? :) He said she is facing down. But not down real low in the pelvis yet, but she's at least headed in the right direction! He said all my blood work came back ok. He had also tested me for preeclampsia, and it was also negative!! I had a Strep B test done and he asked if I wanted him to check to see if I was dilated. I said, no I think I'll pass today. I see the midwife next week. Maybe I'll let her do it, maybe she's more gentle. He's a little rough. So tomorrow I am 37 weeks! Won't be long now!! I called the hospital to get a tour, they said we can, just gotta call ahead to make sure their not busy. They couldn't have us Monday night, to busy. Couldn't go tonight and can't tomorrow, so HOPEFULLY we can Thursday night!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

36 weeks prego and the nursery

Here are some pictures of me at 36 weeks 4 days. Blood pressure is still up when Jenn checked it last night so not sure what the Doctor is going to say or do on Tuesday when I go back. :/ There are also some pictures of the ALMOST complete nursery.
Me and some of my flowers on the front porch.
Just some of her clothes.
The crib. Her name on the wall are still samples. We are trying to get the sizing right. We are going to go with the purple size. My friend Erin is going to do these for us in vinyl. These are just paper samples right now though.
The color on the walls is also hard to see, but it's a pretty green called "Honeydew."
The rocking chair my Grandparents gave us. They had it reupholstered for us. It was my Pap's parents and it's over 100 years old.
Closer up.
Swing, changing table and chair.
Close up of the shelf I decorated with gardening things.
Other side of the room. A couple things to hang up, put together and put away yet.
Curtains. I am going to make blackout/thermal type drapes especially before Winter hits.
The lamp we got at Target. Matches pretty well.
Crib again. We did a flower/garden theme.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dog days of pregnancy

Yesterday was my Doctor's appt. And now my blood pressure is starting to go up. It's been really good until yesterday. It was 138/90. He talked to me about preeclampsia. He even had them check it 3 times, but it stayed the same. I got bloodwork done, all came back ok. My protein has also been ok, so he wants me back on Tuesday. He said he wants to keep a close eye on my BP.

Since he doesn't really do much when I go, I questioned it. I asked why he has never measured my belly. Not in these words, but he more or less said some Doctors do, but he doesn't because he can tell by looking at it! There are so many things he has not done yet that people keep telling me he should have by now. He's not measured my belly. He has not ever "felt" my belly to check her position. I have not had a strep test done yet and lots of other stuff it seems! So, guess I'll let ya know how I make out on Tuesday.

I think she has started to drop. I've been having braxton hicks contractions for one thing. Plus my lower belly/abdomen hurts and almost feels like alot of pressure there. There are times when I stand up from sitting, I feel like I can't stand up straight because it hurts. I told him about it, but he didn't seem concerned so....like I said, guess I'll let everyone know what happens on Tuesday!

Monday, June 6, 2011

30 Days and counting....

Looking at the date we officially have 30 days until Miss Kaylynn arrives. If she come on the exact due date they gave us that is. On Wednesday I will be 36 weeks along. So to think that possibly in 30 days she'll be here! It's so surreal that it is that close!! We have been working hard at getting everything ready here at the house. I think we have everything we need, besides the formula since we don't know what she'll be on. Everything is washed, put away, set up and ready to go. I need to pack my bag for the hospital yet, but that's about it.

I have a Doctor's appt on Thursday and now I should be going every week now. Although, I have not been impressed with my Doctor. He's nice, but he doesn't really check anything. He has yet to measure my belly, feel my belly for her position or anything else. So not to sure what he learns from me going to see him. All I have ever done is the following ; Weigh in, urine sample, blood pressure checked, listen to her heartbeat. That's it. Every time.

Well, if I remember I'll have David take a picture of me on Wednesday at 36 weeks.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Uploading problems

I have a whole post layed out and typed up from the Mother/Daughter Banquet and it WILL NOT post!! I keep coming back and trying to post it, but it won't! This thing is really frustrating me!! It saved as a draft, but that's as far as it goes. Grrrr...

Nevermind, there it is!!! I had my cursor in the labels for this post spot and hit return and it posted! Crazy!