Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Doctor's Appt. Update

I had my Doctor's appt today. All in all a good report. My blood pressure went down slightly to 134/82 it was 138/90 last Thursday and even higher when Jenn had checked it Saturday. Heartbeat is still around 150 BPM. He actually checked my belly!! Can you believe it?? :) He said she is facing down. But not down real low in the pelvis yet, but she's at least headed in the right direction! He said all my blood work came back ok. He had also tested me for preeclampsia, and it was also negative!! I had a Strep B test done and he asked if I wanted him to check to see if I was dilated. I said, no I think I'll pass today. I see the midwife next week. Maybe I'll let her do it, maybe she's more gentle. He's a little rough. So tomorrow I am 37 weeks! Won't be long now!! I called the hospital to get a tour, they said we can, just gotta call ahead to make sure their not busy. They couldn't have us Monday night, to busy. Couldn't go tonight and can't tomorrow, so HOPEFULLY we can Thursday night!

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