Monday, June 6, 2011

30 Days and counting....

Looking at the date we officially have 30 days until Miss Kaylynn arrives. If she come on the exact due date they gave us that is. On Wednesday I will be 36 weeks along. So to think that possibly in 30 days she'll be here! It's so surreal that it is that close!! We have been working hard at getting everything ready here at the house. I think we have everything we need, besides the formula since we don't know what she'll be on. Everything is washed, put away, set up and ready to go. I need to pack my bag for the hospital yet, but that's about it.

I have a Doctor's appt on Thursday and now I should be going every week now. Although, I have not been impressed with my Doctor. He's nice, but he doesn't really check anything. He has yet to measure my belly, feel my belly for her position or anything else. So not to sure what he learns from me going to see him. All I have ever done is the following ; Weigh in, urine sample, blood pressure checked, listen to her heartbeat. That's it. Every time.

Well, if I remember I'll have David take a picture of me on Wednesday at 36 weeks.


Kara Plank said...

oh, how I hate those last few weeks! Hang in there! Although it feel like it will never end, your sweet princess will be in your arms soon!!! :)

Maria said...

I have a new dr this time because my other one died last fall :( I wish I had him because this one is like yours he doesn't do much each visit. Only plus is I might not have to have another c-section because he is known for VBAC's :) Can't wait to see pictures of Kaylynn!!!