Friday, June 17, 2011

Flowers 2011

My red, white and blue hanging baskets I planted.
The other one.
My birdhouse bench with my other flowers.
All the things we got from the Amish auction last year has REALLY taken off!
Where David dug out for our sidewalks.
Along the garage.
Also where David dug out of a concrete ramp coming out of the garage.
Our forsythia bushes we also got at the Amish auction last year. They were little last year, now look at them!! They need majorly cut back!!
My milkcan and toolbox I got the other year at a craft show that I plant flowers in.
It may be hard to see, but this milk crate says "Ritchey's Dairy Martinsburg PA" I randomly found this at a antique little hole in the wall in Montgomery. I just had to buy it!! Plus I like stuff like that anyway! Martinsburg is where David and his family is from!! Neat!
On the other side. The rose bushes and butterfly bush also need trimmed! They really grew!
Where the sidewalk will be, hopefully SOON!

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Tonya said...

Your house looks great!!! Less than three weeks left! Love ya!!