Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sidewalks and Fall Decor

Well, well, well....after almost 3 years we have sidewalks finally! Yippee!! I am so happy!! Couldn't have asked for better weather that day either! The cement truck came at 7:20am. David's Dad, Kevin, his son Nicholas and David were all there to help. Can I just say they did a mighty fine job!! I really think it makes the house look more finished. Now he will have some more landscaping things to do, but all in due time. :) They also poured a ramp from our double swing out doors in the garage so he can drive the lawn mower in and out. Pretty nifty.

My Mom also had the idea (I would have never thought of this!) to put Kaylynn's hand and footprints in it! So, that's what we did. It should have been a little wetter when we did it because it was rather dry and setting up, but we got them! :) Also have had my Fall decor out on the porch. Picked up those steel tubs at the Watsontown yard sales 2 for $8!! And I finally found a old country looking bench this week for $18. I am glad I held out for it, it's exactly what I've been looking for, for the porch.
The forms.
Truck's here! (along w/ ruts in our front yard!) But worth it!!
Down the chute!
Dad S. and Kevin screeding it. (David had to tell me what this is called and how to spell it.)
Nicholas took this for me.
Nicholas troweling. We let him put his initials and year in this.
Putting Kaylynn's footprints in!!!
Cleaning up.
Other foot! She's looking at David like what are you doing?
Hand prints. This was a little tricky. She likes to keep her hands in a fist.
Here they are!!!! Awwww!!!
I love Fall!!!
A little more dry. :)
Looking better and better.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Little Miss

Here are a bunch of pictures of Miss Kaylynn. Hopefully I'll have time in the next couple of days to post pics of my Fall decor and the newly poured sidewalks!! Yep, that's right! I said we have sidewalks people!! :) I actually had Kaylynn to the Doctor today because for the last week or so she's been "off." So, just as I suspected. The acid reflux acting up again. So they up'd her dosage from 2ml to 4ml. Let me tell ya, 4ml is alot for a baby! You would have thought we were murdering her, but hopefully it helps her. He did give me a new script so I can have it flavored. And she weighed 13lbs 12oz!! She'll be 3 months old tomorrow!!
She keeps doing this w/ her legs in the swing.
One of the many outfits I got at the Watsontown yard sales.
Another (part of) an outfit from the yard sales.
David likes to sit her up in his chair.
Starting to try to hold her bottle.
A rocking horse my Aunt Rise got for her at the yard sales for $5!!
Katie and Marie stopped by for a visit!!
Bathtime!! (Sucking her thumb!)
The dress Grandma Slagenweit got fo her.
Napping at Grandma's.
Also wearing the sweater Great Grandma Miller got for her!