Saturday, June 30, 2012


Summer is definitely here! It's been getting hotter and more humid. We got Kaylynn a water activity table and a small pool to play in.  Here are some pics of her playing.

 Water table!


 Not sure about this grass Mommy!

 She loves sitting up on this chair looking at books.

 Got her biggie girl carseat out and installed in my car. It's like a whole new world to her! :)
 First time in her swimsuit and pool. SO CUTE!!
 Daddy went in with me!

 Wasn't to sure about it though.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

1st Father's Day

Today was David's official 1st Father's day.  Kaylynn got him this really cute card and I helped her sign it.  I made dinner today that included 4 of his Mom's recipes!  I think they turned out ok. The potato salad was a little off, but David said the calico beans were spot on! I love when I can make it taste like Mom's.  Makes me feel glad to know she is the one who taught me to cook, and I am still attempting new things.  And trying to keep Sunday dinners good and as close to her tastes as I can.  Although David is sick and spent half the night coughing, I think he had a good day.  We also went to visit my parents after Kaylynn's nap.  Back to the grind tomorrow, yuck.

 Kaylynn trying to hug or mawl Julian, not sure which.
 Julian says help!!
 Cousins. Kaylynn 11 months, Julian 4 months.
 Such a big boy!
Happy Father's Day David!  No little girl could ever ask for a better, more loving Daddy! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

11 Months Old!

So, this I had to share! This is what we've picked for her 1st birthday party theme! Minnie Mouse! I think it's so cute! I gotta go get some supplies with this on from Party City, which is all 50% off right now! Yeah!!  Soon gotta get the invites out!

Today though she is 11 months old! 1 short month and she'll be 1! She had a rough day today at the babysitter's.  She fell and got a bruise on her cheek and forehead.  She was very fussy and cranky, I think due to more teeth coming.  She was miserable all day.  She was pretty good for us though.  Ate almost a whole grilled cheese sandwhich for supper! She tries more and more to let go and walk on her own. I think she'll be walking by the time she's 1!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So Big!

 This was her hair when she woke up Sat. No matter what I tried, it would not stay down!
 Learning to climb steps!
 My little Farmer Slagenweit. :)
 Daddy put her to sleep at Nicholas' baseball game swinging.

My Nephew Julian

Here a few shots of my nephew Julian.  He is 4 months already and is getting big! Weighs over 16 lbs and wears size 3 diapers and size 3 shoes! That's the size shoe Kaylynn wears and she's going on 11 months!