Monday, July 28, 2008

The progress continues...

Here is the latest and greatest. The first pictures are from Sunday. My parents and my brother came out to see the progress. As you can see they poured the footers and installed the french drain and radon system. Today they came and unloaded all the block for the foundation and a water tank to be able to mix the concrete. And then they got started. The "block" pictures are off of David's camera cell phone. Not to shabby. I don't want him to keep the camera in the hot car all day so when he goes over every night after work to check things out he takes pictures to show me. There isn't much sense in me going over everyday yet, when he is close and can check on it. Gas is to expensive. And besides taking pictures there is nothing we can do yet. Dad S. said they dropped off the block at 6:00am and the workers were there by 7:30am and stayed to around 4:30pm. Great! I hope they keep it up like that. I believe they want to finish the foundation, start the sand mound and cut the bank for fill this week. We'll see!! YEAH!! We're getting more excited!!

Spending time in Burnham...

I just realized this is going to be out of order again. Why does this blogging thing go backwards anyhow?? Anyway, I went to Erin's baby shower first, then we went to Joel and April's for Jayna's 5th Birthday pool party. We got there late because of other obligations, then an 1hr. 30min drive, but we made it. Not in time to swim, but we played outside with the girls. Here's David with his ole buddy, Kaylee giving her rides on Jayna's new big bike. We spent the night at their place Sat. night. Joel had to go to work Sunday to his side job installing swimming pools, but came home around 1:30pm and Aunt Faith and Uncle John (they live across the street!!) brought over dinner. We had biscuits, salad, applesauce and chicken casserole. It was yummy!! Then we went swimming. We all had a good time in the pool. Although I am sunburned, it was alot of fun. I posted a video of some of the belly flopping action of David and Joel. Ouch! (Which the video went to the bottom of the post, again I ask why??? Why can't this be simple?? LOL!!) We left Sunday evening and hopefully the next time we get together, they can stay at our new house!!!

David taking Kaylee for a ride on Jayna's new big bike.
Airplane rides!! :)
Me, April and Aunt Faith.
Joel getting splashed by Jayna!
Jayna, Joel, and David doing a cannonball. (Jayna is far left, you can hardly see her!)
David just chillin in the pool.
Jump Jayna!!
This picture cracks me up. Those goggles are hilarious!!
This is Jayna in her new swimsuit we got her for her birthday.
David with his buddy, Kaylee.
Hello Kaylee!!!

Erin's Baby Shower!!

Mommy to be, Erin.
New Mommy, April with Becca.

Let's see that side profile!!! ;)
This weekend was really busy!! Starting with Erin's baby shower Saturday. It was alot of fun. It was nice to see my friend and new Mommy, April there with her baby, Becca. It's always fun to go to showers, especially baby showers! She got alot of nice things. Very cute little boy things. They are naming him Austin Matthew. I love it! It has a certain ring to it!! She's due about a month from today. We can't wait to get the call saying he's here!!! We are so excited for them!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Cutie pie...

What a cutie pie! Jay just sent this picture on our phone. Tyler is getting so big! He is absolutely adorable!! Look at that face! =] All of our nephews are so cute! But then again we could just be a little bias!!
~We will have some new photos to post soon of the progress on the house. They have started the french drain and poured the footers. I would suppose they will start laying block on Monday. We will be over tomorrow so I can see the house, or the hole anyway. Then tomorrow, I have Erin's baby shower at 3:00pm then on to Joel and April's in Burnham for Jayna's 5th birthday party, then spending the night. So we'll be bloggin' when we get back on Sunday. Ta Ta for now!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

And we have a foundation!!

View from Mom and Dad S.'s driveway.
They started the foundation!! Yeah!! Thank goodness Dad S. was there to keep an eye on things. There was some mis-communication in what was to happen today. Dad ended up calling David home early from work to get it all straightened out. Then once it was all under control he went back to work. But, it turned out pretty good. We were happy with the end result. Lots of clay, which isn't good I hear, but what are ya going to do? They are hoping to also get the sand mound started to before the excavator leaves. They also need to do the garage. This is just the house they dug out. The ground is very dry. Seems as though the rain passing right by us. Hopefully that won't effect the well when we go to drill. Hopefully tomorrow goes smooth!! We'll keep ya posted!! We are SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let's get digging!!!

As you can see, they did drop off some equipment Friday afternoon! So we took some pictures today before they dig just one more time. We will follow the process from now on. So today will be the last day it will look all grow up with weeds, well in the front anyway. The back of the property is really nice grass that Dad S. has been mowing for us. To bad they will dig it up. But looks like they will start tomorrow!!!! Finally, it's been a long time coming!!

Our excavator is Steinbacher Enterprises, out of Nippennose Valley area.

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's getting to be that time!!!

Well, we are to break ground now on Monday the 21st. So we will see. They said they would be there unless it rains. We went last night and picked our final exterior colors. After driving around Sat. all day trying to find that particular house, already built up to see the colors in person. We decided to go differently than those houses. Those were more brown and very greenish stone. We picked Victorian gray dutch lap siding. Black raised panel shutters. White trim. A grayish, blackish Pennsylvania Limestone for the stone veneer. And Pewter shingles. Weird names for the colors sometimes. We had a harder time picking them out than what we thought we would. There will definitely be lots of pictures to come through the process!! We are so excited. David asked if since we started alot later than originally planned, would we still be in by Thanksgiving. He said "Oh yeah!!" If the other builder gets behind, he has more manpower to throw at the project. So YEAH!!!!! Hopefully that stands true!! Well, have to get to bed early tonight, going back in tonight to work!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hit a snag...

Just wanted to give everyone an update since I keep telling everyone that we were going to break ground this week. Well around 9:00am this morning-day to start mind you- David gets a call and it's our builder. He proceeds to say that the excavator went out of town and won't be able to start until 10 more days!!! Grrrr..... We haven't even started yet, and we have a problem! Nice to let us know at the LAST MINUTE!!! Needless to say we are not very happy, but what can you do? Let's pray that all else goes without a hitch, that is if we ever get started!!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Fireworks that I took on our camera!

Jello dessert I made for the picnic.
Lindsay and Hailey. (sisters)
Hailey and I. Best friends since sixth grade!
Lindsay and I.
Hailey and I. (With Lindsay trying to sneek in!)
Barth and Hailey.
Happy 4Th of July!! We went to Hailey's new house for a picnic and fireworks. We had a good view of Williamsport's fireworks from her deck. We had a lot of good food and lots of desserts. The boys played horseshoes and tried o get us to play. I didn't do to well. I threw the horseshoe everywhere but the pin. It's actually harder than it looks. But at least I tried. Then we watched the fireworks. Then on home. We finally got to sleep in today which was really nice. We are trying to catch up on cleaning and laundry today. Coming soon should be our house being started this week. I can't believe it's finally going to start!! Can't wait!!

Miller Reunion 2008

Here is some of the fun we had this year at the Miller reunion. We started out at Uncle Dave and Aunt Miriam's house. Then went on to Mom and Dad S's for dessert and homemade ice cream. I actually posted these pictures backwards, they start out at Mom's and then Uncle Dave's in reality it happened the other way, but oh well! We had a good time. LOTS of good food. It did get kinda hot and humid out, so we mostly stayed under the tent. They did set up a crochet game and played. Out of the "Miller's" we were only missing Aunt Carol. Bummer she couldn't make it. We missed everyone who couldn't make it. We had a great time. Then it was off to Mom's for homemade ice cream. We made strawberry, vanilla and chocolate! It was delicious! Later in the evening Janelle had an idea of being blindfolded and try to feed your partner. It was quite something. Food was everywhere! Brent came in so we got to talk to him quite a bit Saturday night. Sunday night Janelle and Briann came over we had a light supper then played a game. It was fun. It was every one's last night in PA. Can't wait until we can all get together again!!