Sunday, February 2, 2014


Update from the last post.  I took her to her ENT this past week.  He said at this point he is not concerned about her tonsils.  They may take a couple more weeks to come down.  He looked in her ears and found that her one tube is falling out and there is a ton of pressure behind it.  So, off for a pressure test.  It came back flat.  Which means there is so much pressure that she can feel/her any vibrations.  He said it concerns him because she just finished a 10 day antibiotic and it still looks like that.  So, we go back in 3 weeks.  If it isn't any better she will need those tubes out and new ones put in.  He will also check her tonsils again then.  Still running low grade fevers, other than that she acts alright. 
She is such a Mother Hen.  She is forever playing with these babies, Hannah and McKenzie.  (babies that go to the sitter's) And playing in her playroom at the play kitchen.  She crawled up on the couch  with her babies tonight so I got a few pictures.  So cute!!